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I'd like to see you refine -this- junk into something useful..!

Refining Items

Almost every item and magical spell in the game can be refined. Then it will either become a better item, just a different item or magic. Often, you need more than one item or spell to refine.

In order to be able to refine things, you have to make your GFs learn the needed ability. Then select the ability from your menu and refine. It is that easy! :) If you want to see which GF learns which refining ability, check out the GF page. To see what the refined items do (or the items you want to refine), look at the item list. Choose wisely what you want to refine! You can also make a lot of money by buying things cheap, refining them to more expensive ones and selling them again for a higher price.

All existing abilities:

  • T Mag-RF (Creates Lightning- and Wind Magic) : Quetzacotl
  • I Mag-RF (Creates Water- and Ice Magic) : Shiva
  • Mag-RF (Creates Fire Magic) : Ifrit
  • L Mag-RF (Creates Recovery Magic) : Siren
  • ST Mag-RF (Creates Status- and Effect Magic) : Diablos
  • Supt Mag-RF (Creates Support Magic) : Leviathan
  • Time Mag-RF (Creates Time- and Space Magic) : Diablos
  • Forbid Mag-RF (Creates Ultima/ Meteor spells and stones) : Bahamut
  • Recov Med-RF (Creates Recovery Medicine) : Carbuncle
  • ST Med-RF (Creates Status Recovery Medicine) : Siren
  • GF Recov Med-RF (Creates GF Recovery Items) : Leviathan
  • GFAbl Med-RF (Creates GF Ability Items) : Eden
  • Ammo-RF (Creates Ammo for Irvine's Limit Break) : Ifrit
  • Tool-RF (Creates Stones, recovery items and other useful stuff) : Siren
  • Med LV Up (Upgrades medicine) : Alexander
  • Forbidden Med-RF (Creates Stat Modifying and ultimate recovery Items) : Doomtrain
Item Refines into/ amount
T Mag-RF (Lightning/ Wind magic)
Coral Fragment Thundara x20
Dynamo Stone Thundaga x20
M-Stone piece Thundara x5
Magic stone Thundara x5
Shear Feather Aero x20
Windmill Tornado x20
Wizard Stone Thundaga x5
I Mag-RF (Water/ Ice magic)
Arctic Wind Blizzara x20
Fish Fin Water x20
M-Stone piece Blizzard x5
Magic Stone Blizzara x5
North Wind Blizzaga x20
Water Crystal Water x50
Wizard Stone Blizzaga x5
F Mag-RF (Fire Magic)
Bomb Fragment Fira x20
Bomb SpiritFiraga x100
Flare Stone Flare x1
Inferno fang Flare x20
L Mag-RF (Life magic)
Chef's Knife Death x30
Cottage Curaga x20
Dead Spirit Death x20
Death Stone Death x1
Healing RingCuraga x100
Healing Water Cura x20
Holy Stone Holy x1
Holy Water Zombie x2
Life Ring Life x20
M-Stone piece Cure x5
Magic Stone Cura x5
Mesmerize Blade Regen x20
Moon Stone Holy x20
Phoenix Spirit Full-Life x100
Regen Ring Full-Life x20
Saw Blade Death x10
Tent Curaga x10
Whisper Curaga x50
Wizard Stone Cura x5
Zombie Powder Zombie x20
ST Mag-RF (Status Magic
Antidote Bio x1
Betrayal Sword Confuse x20
Cockatrice Pinion Break x20
Curse Spike Pain x10
Echo Screen Silence x2
Eye Drop Blind x1
M-Stone piece Silence x5
Magic Stone Berserk x5
Malboro tentacle Bio x40
Mystery Fluid Meltdown x10
Ochu Tentacles Blind x30
Silence Powder Silence x20
Sleep Powder Sleep x20
Soft Break x3
Steel Pipe Berserk x20
Venom Fangs Bio x20
Wizard Stone Bio x5
Supt Mag-RF (Support Magic)
Aura StoneAura x1
BarrierShell x40
Dragon FangEsuna x20
Dragon SkinReflect x20
Fury FragmentAura x5
Giant's RingProtect x60
Glow CurtainReflect x100
M-Stone PieceEsuna x5
Magic StoneDispel x5
Med KitEsuna x100
Moon CurtainShell x100
Protect StoneProtect x1
RemedyEsuna x5
Rune ArmletShell x40
Saw BladeDispel x20
Shell StoneShell x1
Steel CurtainProtect x100
Turtle ShellProtect x30
Vampire FangDrain x20
Wizard StoneDispel x20
Time Mag-RF (Time- and Space Magic)
AccerelatorHaste x100
Aegis ArmletHaste x100
Black HoleDemi x30
Dino BoneQuake x20
Dragon FinDouble x20
LightweightHaste x20
M-Stone pieceSlow x5
Magic StoneHast x5
Rocket EngineTriple x50
Samantha SoulTriple x60
Steel OrbDemi x15
Spider WebSlow x20
Three StarsTriple x100
Wizard StoneStop x5
Forbid Mag-RF (Forbidden Magic)
Energy CrystalUltima x3
Dark MatterUltima Stone x100
Meteor StoneMeteor x1
Pulse Ammo x5Ultima Stone
Star FragmentMeteor x5
Ultima StoneUltima x1
Recov Med-RF (Recovery items)
Cottage x2Mega Potion x1
Healing MailHi-Potion x6
Healing RingMega Potion x20
Healing WaterHi-Potion x2
Life RingPhoenix Down x2
Mesmerize BladeMega Potion x2
Phoenix SpiritPhoenix Down x100
Regen RingPhoenix Down x8
Tent x4Mega-Potion x1
ST Med-RF (Status Recovery Medicine)
Betrayal Sword x5Remedy x1
Cockatrice PinionSoft x3
Curse SpikeRemedy x1
Dragon FangRemedy x1
Malboro TentacleRemedy x2
Med KitRemedy x20
Ochu TentacleEye Drop x3
Poison PowderAntidote x3
Silence PowderEcho Screen x3
Sleep Powder x5Remedy x1
Venom FangAntidote x10
Zombie PowderHoly Water x3
GF Recov Med-RF (GF Recovery Medicine)
Diamond ArmorPet House x16
Gold ArmorPet House x4
Healing MailPet House x1
Healing RingG-Mega-Potion x20
Healing WaterG-Hi-Potion x2
Life RingG-Returner x2
Mesmerize BladeG-Hi-Potion x2
Pet HouseG-Returner x2
Phoenix SpiritG-Returner x40
Regen RingG-Returner x6
Silver ArmorPet House x2
WhisperG-Hi-Potion x4
GFAbl Med-RF (GF ability items)
Adamantine x20Steel Curtain
Barrier x50Aegis Armlet
Bomb Fragment x100Bomb Spirit
Cactus Thorn x100Hundred Needles
Dark MatterLuck-J Scroll
Diamond Armor x5Elem Guard
Dragon Fang x100Med Kit
Dragon Skin x100Glow Curtain
Elixir x10Doc's Code
Energy Crystal x50Samantha Soul
Force Armlet x10Magic Armlet
Glow Curtain x2Monk's Code
Gold Armor x5Diamond Armor
Giant's Ring x10Gaea's Ring
Holy War x5Knight's Code
HP-J Scroll x10Giant's Ring
HP Up x2HP-J Scroll
Hypno Crown x10Royal Crown
Jet Engine x10Rocket Engine
Lightweight x100Accerelator
Luck Up x2Luck-J Scroll
Magic Armlet x20Moon Curtain
Mag-J Scroll x10Force Armlet
Mag Up x2Mag-J Scroll
Malboro Tentacle x100Moon Curtain
Orihalcon x10Adamantine
Power Wrist x10Hyper Wrist
Phoenix Down x20Phoenix Spirit
RibbonStatus Guard
Royal Crown x20Status Atk
Samantha Soul x20Elem Atk
Shaman StoneRosetta Stone
Silver Armor x5Gold Armor
Spd-J Scroll x10Jet Engine
Spd Up x2Spd-J Scroll
Spr-J Scroll x10Hypno Crown
Spr Up x2Spr-J Scroll
Str-J Scroll x10Power Wrist
Str Up x2Str-J Scroll
Vit-J Scroll x10Orihalcon
Vit Up x2Vit-J Scroll
Whisper x100Healing Ring
Ammo RF (Ammunition)
Bomb FragmentFire Ammo x20
Cactus ThornDemolition Ammo x40
Chef's KnifeAP Ammo x20
Energy CrystalPulse Ammo x10
FuelFire Ammo x10
Laser CannonPulse Ammo x5
MissileDemolition Ammo x20
Normal AmmoFast Ammo x1
Poison PowderDark Ammo x10
Power GeneratorPulse Ammo x20
Red FangFire Ammo x40
Running FireDemolition Ammo x40
ScrewNormal Ammo x8
Sharp SpikeAP Ammo x10
Shotgun AmmoFast Ammo x2
Venom FangDark Ammo x20
Tool-RF (Tools)
CircletAura Stone x2
Curse Spike x100Dark Matter x1
Dark MatterShaman Stone x1
Dead SpiritDeath Stone x2
Diamond ArmorCottage x50
Draw ScrollWizard Stone x10
Energy CrystalUltima Stone x2
Fury FragmentAura Stone x2
Force ArmletShell Stone x30
Gambler SpiritWizard Stone x10
GF ScrollWizard Stone x10
Healing RingCottage x30
Healing WaterTent x2
Hungry CookpotShaman Stone x1
Hypno CrownAura Stone x10
Inferno FangFlare Stone x2
Item ScrollWizard Stone x10
Magic ScrollWizard Stone x10
Mega Phoenix x3Phoenix Pinion x1
Mog's AmuletShaman Stone x1
Moon StoneHoly Stone x2
OrihalconProtect Stone x30
Power WristAura Stone x10
Rosetta StoneShaman Stone x1
Shaman StoneLuvLuvG x1
Star FragmentMeteor Stone x2
Steel PipeAura Stone x1
Strength LoveAura Stone x2
Regen RingTent x5
Rune ArmletShell Stone x10
Turtle ShellProtect Stone x10
WhisperCottage x1
Med LV Up (Upgraded medicine)
Elixir x10Megalixir x1
Hero x10Holy War-Trial x1
Hero-Trial x10Hero x1
Hi-Potion x3Hi-Potion+ x1
Hi-Potion+ x3X-Potion x1
Holy War-Trial x10Holy War x1
Phoenix Down x50Mega Phoenix x1
Potion x3Potion+ x1
Potion+ x3Hi-Potion x1
Remedy x10Remedy+ x1
Remedy+ x10Elixir x1
X-Potion x3Mega-Potion x1
Forbid Med-RF (Stat Modifying Items)
Adamantine x5Vit Up x1
Aegis Armlet x2Spd Up x1
Doc's Code x1Megalixir x1
Elem AtkElixir x4
Elem GuardElixir x1
Gaea's RingHP Up x1
Hundred Needles x1Spd Up x1
Hyper Wrist x10Str Up x1
Jet Engine x50Spd Up x1
Knight's Code x1Vit Up x1
Luck-J Scroll x1Luck Up x1
Magic Armlet x10Spr Up x1
Med Kit x1Megalixir x2
Mega Potion x20Elixir x1
Monk's Code x1Str Up x1
Rocket Engine x5Spd Up x1
Royal Crown x10Mag Up x1
Status Atk x1Elixir x4
Status GuardElixir x4

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