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Chocobo World

Chocobo world is a little "game for itself" that comes with Final Fantasy 8 on the Pocket station. If you play the PC version, it comes with a small emulator so you can play it on your PC. To enable the Chocobo World function, you have to have been in a Chocobo forest at least once in the game.
In the game, you meet the Chocobo Boko and his friends, a Moomba and a Cactuar- and Mini-Mog, who has gone off to "scary mountain". When he doesn't return, the three friends decide to go after him because they fear that a demon king is having MiniMog for dinner. So you play Chicobo who has to fight bad creatures, rescue MiniMog and collect treasures on the way.

Actually, this game wouldn't be worth playing. It takes forever until you finally find items, the graphics are.. well.. let's just say "not the best".. and you'll probably fall asleep by the time you finally encountered an event. However, the good news is that once you actually found some good items they will be VERY good. In fact, this horrible little game is the only way to get those precious "Friendship"s and transfer them over to FF8 to gain the very cute (and just as strong) Moomba- mini- GF, and the MiniMog- mini- GF. Aside from that, there are Malboro tentacles, Stat boosting items and other goodies to gain. And what's even better: you can CHEAT! Isn't that lovely! So what are you waiting for? :)
....also, did anyone else notice the Chocobo world music is the same as Imakuni's theme (in Pokemon Trading Card game, for example)? I just wondered about that..


This is Boko, aka Chicobo. Look at his cute eyes, consisting of exactly 4 black pixels in total! He's just waiting for you to move him around (arrow keys), walk fast (push arrow key in one direction and hold) or open up the menu screen (CRTL- button). Now, I hope I didn't confuse you there! Those a quite a lot of options for such a small Chocobo!

Menu Screen


And this is your exciting world map! You can see it when pressing control. Those black dots are events. There are four kind of events, and after finally getting to one of them (they're scattered randomly to make it as inconvenient as possible), it will probably be the one you wanted least. ^^ You are also a black dot, the blinking one to be exact. The arrow shows you in which direction you're walking (how convenient!) and the map number tells you Chicobo's level. press right or left on the map screen to scroll to the other ones!

Yay Goodies

This would be the item screen. It shows you how many items of which kind you collected (Cactuar gives them to you on certain events). A- items are the best and thus, the rarest, D- items are the worst and I get them all the time. :| Either way, you won't know what you got until you move your items over to FF8. As you can see, I don't have any items right now... darn battle events!


This is what represents Chicobo's fighting.. status... info..thing. The top number are your attack points, below, as marked, your level and HP. Also, a black mark may show up here once the female chocobo showed up. More to that later. Your damage is calculated like this: not the entire number counts, but the single digits. Meaning, each time you attack, one digit is randomly chosen, and that's how much damage you will cause. So if your weapon is 3000 it would be very bad, because in 3 of 4 cases you won't cause any damage. if your weapon is 4450, in one out of 4 cases you won't cause any damage, and 50% of the time you'll do 4 damage (cause you have two 4s). All clear? ;)

Move along, nothing to see here

Ah, the move. Most important in the fine art of Chocobo fighting. Well, actually it has nothing to do with fighting. It shows your movement patter on the.. walking screen? Well, let's call it world map. Yes. Boko will recognize events to what he thinks is closest to himself and automatically walk towards them. The larger the "Move" number is, the wider is his range; but it will also take you longer to walk to each event.

Thankfully, this game has an autoplay option so you can let it run in the background for hours and hours on end. Put the cursor on "off" and lean back. As long as it's on "On", the game will wait for you to press the CRTL- key during the events.

Standby option: This option will become available once you find MiniMog. IF you find him. When he's on Standby, he might help Chicobo during a battle event. He also needs to be on standby if you want to use him in FF8. However, if you're not watching Chocobo Adventure, you might lose him completely during a fight- that's what the sleep option is for: he simply won't come to help Boko.


If you finally reached one of those dreadful black dots, there are four things that can happen to you.

  • You meet Cactuar.
    Cactuar will give you an item. A, B, C, or D, sorted after rarity and value, A being the best, D being the worst, and you'll get D a lot, trust me. You can carry a maximum of 99 each.
  • You meet Moomba.
    Moomba will show you a weapon he has found and offer you to trade your old one in (the one he offers is at the top), Don't always choose the highest number; remember: the damage done isn't determined by the entire number, but by the single digits.
  • A battle occurs.
    Well, not much to do. Once the timer reaches zero, Boko attacks automatically and causes damage, one randomly chosen digits from his weapon. If his HP reaches zero, he'll fall asleep after battle and recover fully (unless you wake him up with the crtl- key). If you WIN a battle, a stone will randomly be placed on a 3x3 checkered-like screen. If you get 3 stones in a row, Chicobo will level up and gain some HP.
  • You meet MiniMog.
    The event we've all been waiting for! ...maybe. From now on, he will help Chicobo in battle if you put him on standby. He may also appear randomly (if you lose him) and give you a stone for your level up- screen.
  • Female Chocobo appears.
    This should happen when Boko is around level 20. She will kiss him and he will wall in love with her. You may see her twice more afterwards, and a marker will appear on your battle menu screen. These powerups will make Chicobo stronger in FF8: at the beginning he will be able to use ChocoFire, after he was kissed Chocobo Flare, then Chocobo Meteor and with a third kiss, ChocoBuckle! Female Chocobo will be kidnapped when Chicobo reaches level 100, and you have to defeat the Demon King to rescue her.
  • Chicobo falls down a hole.
    This is very bad, because if this happens, he will not see the female Chocobo at all later in the minigame, and secondly, he will take HP damage :(
  • Chicobo takes a time-out.
    Means he watches TV, falls asleep, or plays with Moomba. This happens whenever he's recovering his HP. If his HP are fully restored already, he's just wasting time and you should press the crtl- key to get him back to run through his little pixel world.


Ladies and gentlemen, the part we've all been waiting for! Unfortunately for all PSX- users, this just works with the PC version.
As we know, you transfer the items over to FF8 with the "Home"- function (in FF8). The Item- Data is kept in your FF8 "Save" folder in a small folder called chocorpg. Now, open up Chocobo World and FF8 at the same time. You should have gathered a lot of items in Chocobo world at this time, the more, the better. In FF8, bring Chicobo "Home" to transfer all items and bring him back into the game. Press alt+tab to switch to the Chocobo World- view and press the CRTL- key twice (go to map screen and back to world map). This way, all items will be re- activated- and you can go back to FF8 and transfer them again, over and over, as much as you like! =) Now, have fun getting those 100 Friendship amulets, Ribbons (preventing all status changes! Take that, Malboro!), Stat boosting items, you name it...

"One day, we'll find him..."

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