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Stones // Stat boosting items // Healing items // GF recovery items // GF ability items // GF compatability items // Other GF related items // Ammo // Blue magic items // Other items


M-Stone-Pieces, Magic Stones and Wizard Stones are used to modify weapons or refine spells from. The other stones act just like the corresponding spells during battle. You can also refine them to the particular spell.

M-Stone-PieceStone with small magic power
Magic StoneStone with magic power
Wizard StoneStone with high magic power
Aura StoneSame effect as Aura
Shell StoneSame effect as Shell
Protect StoneSame effect as Protect
Holy StoneSame effect as Holy
Death StoneSame effect as Death
Flare StoneSame effect as Flare
Meteor StoneSame effect as Meteor
Ultima StoneSame effect as Ultima

Stat boosting items

These items will raise a character's stats permanently (HP by 30, all other stats will be raised by 1).

Luck UpRaises Luck permanently.
Mag UPRaises Magic permanently.
Spd UPRaises Speed permanently.
Spr UPRaises Spirit permanently.
Str UpRaises Strength permanently.
Vit UpRaises Vitality permanently
HP UPRaises HP permanently

Healing items

These will- surprise surprise- heal you in case you get hurt.

PotionRestores HP by 200100
Potion+Restores HP by 400N/A
Hi-PotionRestores HP by 1000500
Hi-Potion+Restores HP by 2000N/A
X-PotionFully restores HPN/A
Mega-PotionRestores HP by 1000 to all members10,000
Phoenix DownRemoves KO status500
Mega PhoenixRemoves KO status from all members10,000
AntidoteCures Poiron100
SoftCures Petrify100
Eye DropsCures Darkness100
Echo ScreenCures Silence100
Holy WaterCures Zombie, Curse100
RemedyCures abnormal status1000
Remedy+Cures abnormal status and magic effectsN/A
ElixirFully restores abnormal status and HP5000
MegalixirFully restores abnormal status and HP to all10,000
TentFully restores abnormal status and HP to all (on worldmap or save point)500

GF recovery items

And these items will heal your GFs.

Pet HouseFully restores HP to all GFsN/A
G-PotionRestores HP by 200 to one GF200
G-Hi-PotionRestores HP by 1000 to one GF600
G-Mega-PotionRestores HP by 1000 to all GFsN/A
G-X-PotionRestores all HP of one GFN/A
G-ReturnerRevives a GF from K.O.500

GF ability items

Use these items to teach your GFs abilities they can't learn by themselves.

Magic ScrollGF learns "Magic"- ability5000
GF ScrollGF learns "GF"- ability5000
Draw ScrollGF learns "Draw"- ability5000
Item ScrollGF learns "Item"- ability5000
HP-J ScrollGF learns "HP-J"- ability10,000
Str-J ScrollGF learns "Str-J"- ability10,000
Vit-J scrollGF learns "Vit-J"- ability10,000
Mag-J ScrollGF learns "Mag-J"- ability10,000
Spr-J ScrollGF learns "Spr-J"- ability10,000
Luck-J ScrollGF learns "Luck-J"- abilityN/A
Spd-J ScrollGF learns "Spd-J"- abilityN/A
Aegis ArmletGF learns "Eva-J"- abilityN/A
Rune ArmletGF learns "Spr+20%"- abilityN/A
Force ArmletGF learns "Spr+40%"- ability20,000
Magic ArmletGF learns "Spr+60%"- abilityN/A
Turtle ShellGF learns "Vit+20%"- abilityN/A
Power WristGF learns "Str+40%"- ability20,000
Hyper WristGF learns "Str+60%"- abilityN/A
CircletGF learns "Mag+20%"- abilityN/A
Hypno CrownGF learns "Magic+40%"- ability20,000
Royal CrownGF learns "Mag+60%"- abilityN/A
Healing RingGF learns "Recover"- abilityN/A
Regen RingGF learns HP+20%"- abilityN/A
Giant's RingGF learns "HP+40%"- ability20,000
Gaea's RingGF learns "HP+80%"- abilityN/A
Healing MailGF learns "GFHP+10%"- abilityN/A
Silver ArmorGF learns "GFHP+20%"- abilityN/A
Gold ArmorGF learns "GFHP+30%"- abilityN/A
Diamond ArmorGF learns "GFHP+40%"- abilityN/A
RibbonGF learns "Ribbon"- abilityN/A
Mog's AmuletGF learns "Minimog"- abilityN/A
AccerelatorGF learns "Auto-Haste"- abilityN/A
Steel PipeGF learns "SumMag+10%"- abilityN/A
Jet EngineGF learns "Spd+20%"- abilityN/A
Rocket EngineGF learns "Spd+40%"- abilityN/A
Star FragmentGF learns "SumMag+20%"- abilityN/A
Energy CrystalGF learns "SumMag+30%"- abilityN/A
Samantha SoulGF learns "SumMag+40%"- abilityN/A
AdamantineGF learns "Vit+60%"- abilityN/A
Strength LoveGF learns "Str+20%"- abilityN/A
Three StarsGF learns "Expend3-1"- abilityN/A
Elem GuardGF learns "Elem-Defx4"- abilityN/A
Status GuardGF learns "ST-Defx4"- abilityN/A
Elem AtkGF learns "Elem-Atk-J"- abilityN/A
Status AtkGF learns "Status-Atk-J"- abilityN/A
Rosetta StoneGF learns "Abilityx4"- abilityN/A
Phoenix SpiritGF learns "Revive"- abilityN/A
Monk's CodeGF learns "Counter"- abilityN/A
Doc's CodeGF learns Med data abilityN/A
Knight's CodeGF learns "Cover"- abilityN/A
Moon CurtainGF learns "Auto-Shell"- abilityN/A
Glow CurtainGF learns "Auto-Reflect"- abilityN/A
Steel CurtainGF learns "Auto-Protect"- abilityN/A
Hungry CookpotGF learns "Devour"- abilityN/A
Gambler SpiritGF learns "Card"- abilityN/A
Bomb SpiritGF learns "Kamikaze"- abilityN/A
Med KitGF learns "Treatment"- abilityN/A
Hundred NeedlesGF lreans "Return Damage"- abilityN/A
Amnesia GreensMakes a GF forget an ability1000

GF compatibility Items

In case you want a GF to like a specific character, use one of these on them. *sigh* I wish something like that would exist in my cupboard...

NameRaises friendship byAffected GF
Arctic Wind1Shiva
North Wind3Shiva
Bomb Fragment1Ifrit
Red fang3Ifrit
Dynamo Stone1Quetzacotl
Shear Feather1Pandemona
Poison Powder1Doomtrain
Venom Fang3Doomtrain
Steel orb3Diablos
Moon Stone3Alexander
Dino Bone3Brothers
Dragon Skin3Carbuncle
Fish Fin2Leviathan
Dragon Fin3Cerberus
Silence Powder3Siren
Chef's Knife3Tonberry
Cactus Thorn3Cactuar
Shaman Stone3Bahamut
LuvLuvG1All GFs

Misc GF Items

..other GF related items? See descriptions for details.

Magical LampContains the GF Diablos (Fight starts right after using it)
Gysahl GreensSummons Chicobo when used during battle
Phoenix PinionSummons Phoenix during battle
Solomon RingOne of the required items to obtain the Doomtrain GF
Rename CardAllows you to rename a GF
Chocobo tagAllows you to rename Chicobo
Pet NametagAllows you to rename Rinoa's dog
FriendshipSummons Moomba during battle


Ammunition used for Irvine's limit break "Shot".

Normal AmmoNormal Ammo20
Shotgun AmmoAmmo which attacks all opponents40
Dark AmmoAmmo with status changing effect300
Fire AmmoAmmo with Fire element300
Demolition AmmoAmmo 3 times more powerful than normal Ammo800
Fast AmmoAmmo for rapid fire100
Pulse AmmoAmmo that contains powerful energyN/A
AP AmmoArmor- piercing AmmoN/A

Blue magic items

These items, when used on Quistis, will teach her new moves for her limit break "Blue magic"!

Item nameQuistis learns...
Spider WebUltra Waves
Coral FragmentElectrocute
Curse SpikeLV?- Death
Black HoleDegenerator
Water CrystalAqua Breath
MissileMicro Missile
Mystery FluidAcid
Running FireGatling Gun
Inferno FangFire Breath
Malboro tentacleBad Breath
WhisperWhite Wind
Laser cannonHoming Laser
BarrierMighty Guard
Power GeneratorRay- Bomb
Dark MatterShockwave Pulsar

Other items

The name says it all. Most of the items with weird descriptions are used for modifying weapons or refining them to magic. The Heros/ Holy Wars make you invincible for a while, and the Sorceress' Letter is needed in order to advance in the storyline.

Sleep PowderInduces sleep
Zombie PowderPowder with zombie effect
ScrewUsed to remodel weapons
Healing WaterWater with life force
Sharp SpikeLong, sharp claw
LightweightShoes to make you light on your feet
Mesmerize BladeLong, sharp blade
Life RingRing with life force
Fury FragmentStone that contains morale
Vampire FangFang that makes vampires attack
Betrayal SwordSword that betrays allies
Cockatrice PinionFeather with petrifying power
Saw BladeSerrated blade
Ochu TentacleStrong, flexible tentacle
HeroMakes character invincible
Hero-trialMakes character invincible sometimes
Holy WarMakes all party members invincible
Holy War-trialMakes all party members invincible sometimes
Sorceress' LetterEdea's introduction letter

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