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Triple Triad

How to play Rules Level 1-5 Monster cards Level 6-7 Boss cards Level 8-9 GF cards Level 10 Character cards

Triple Triad is the card game which is played in the FF8- world. To challenge a person in Triple Triad, talk to him using the A- button and he will ask you for a game. To see all of the existing cards and special rules (yesyesyes, rules differ from town to town!), click on one of the links above. But first I'll teach you...

How the game works

Alright. To play a game of Triple Triad, you need at least five cards. How do you gain cards? By playing against others. Unfortunately, you start off with 0 cards. Great. But that's no problem, because a very very nice man in Balamb Garden (second floor, brown jacket, sitting in the corridor) will give you your first seven cards.


See? Nice man with cards. Now you can run off and play against random people. If you look at your cards you will notice numbers on its sides. Now, the game is easy: Before the game starts, the rules you're playing with are listed. For information on the different rules, see the Rules page. Each player will choose 5 cards from his deck which will be placed in his hand. The dice decides which player begins. Both players will place their cards on the field. Your cards are blue, your opponent's cards are pink. If you place your card next to the one of your opponent and the number on the side which is touching it is higher, the card will be flipped and you'll gain a point. If it's equal or lower, nothing happens. The player with more points at the end of the game wins and can choose one or more of the opponent's cards at the end of the game- depending on the trading rule you're playing with.
Easy, isn't it? ...well, in case it wasn't, here's a sample game for you.

There are two other ways to gain cards though: first of all, by fighting enemies. Sometimes they drop cards of themselves. Bosses are more likely to drop cards than regular monsters, and GF- bosses always drop cards of themselves. The third way of gaining cards is to Card your enemies with Quezacotl's "Card"- ability. Make him learn it, junction it to a character and pound a monster until you think it's low on HP. Then, use the card- ability on it and eventually it will turn into a card. I've never used the Card- ability though, because there's an easier way to gain cards: playing cards with the Full- rule. Go to the woman who is standing at the Train station in Balamb as soon as you can and ask her to play cards against you until she wants to use the Full- rule (this could take a while). You don't need to play against her, just make sure she wants to sue it. Full will automatically be spread throughout Balamb.

You should get as many cards as possible during the game, because they're not only good for playing: once Quezacotl has learned the Card- ability you can, should and will teach him the "Card Mod"- ability. This very useful ability, accessible under "Ability" in the menu, refines cards into very useful items. And this leads us right to the question:

Which monsters drop which cards?

Don't be desperate, ladies and gentlemen! I decided not to include this on the monster list, but make a little section on its own just for the cards (so you won't have to search for too long). Just search the right columns for the card you're searching for and you will know which monsters to fight :) Monster that are not listed do not Card or drop any cards (mostly bosses). Note this ONLY lists cards gained by monsters. Certain cards, such as some GF cards and character cards, have to be gained differently. For that, please check the sections above.

Monster name Card Drop Rare Card/ Card Mod
Abyss WormAbyss WormAbyss Worm, Abadon
AdamantoiseAdamantoiseAdamantoise, Sphinxara
AnacondaurAnacondaurAnacondaur, Mobile Type 8
ArmadodoArmadodoArmadodo, Catoblepas
BehemothBehemothBehemoth, BGH251F2
BelhelmelBelhelmelBelhelmel, Tri- Point
Bite BugBite BugBite Bug, Elvoret
BlitzBlitzBlitz, Propagator
BlobraBlobraBlobra, Granaldo
Blood SoulBlood SoulBlood Soul, Abadon
Blue DragonBlue DragonBlue Dragon, Mobile Type 8
BombBombBomb, Krysta
BuelBuelBuel, Krysta
CactuarCactuarCactuar, Gerogero
CaterchipillarCaterchipillarCaterchipillar, Trauma
ChimeraChimeraChimera, Red Giant
CockatriceCockatriceCockatrice, Oilboyle
CreepsCreepsCreeps, Sphinxara
Death ClawDeath ClawDeath Claw, Granaldo
ElastoidElastoidElastoid, UltimaWeapon
ElnoyleElnoyleElnoyle, Catoblepas
FastitocalonFastitocalonFastitocalon, Tonberry King
ForbiddenForbiddenForbidden, Red Giant
FunguarFunguarFunguar, Wedge/Biggs
GaylaGaylaGayla, Gerogero
GesperGesperGesper, Iguion
GIM47NGIM47NGIM47N, Oilboyle
Glacial EyeGlacial EyeGlacial Eye, Jumbo Cactuar
Grand MantisGrand MantisGrand Mantis, BGH251F2
GratGratGrat, Shumi Tribe
GrendelGrendelGrendel, Tiamat
HexadragonHexadragonHexadragon, Tiamat
ImpImpImp, Gargantua
Iron GiantIron GiantIron Giant, Fujin/Raijin
JelleyeJelleyeJelleye, Fujin/Raijin
MalboroMalboroMalboro, Tonberry King
MesmerizeMesmerizeMesmerize, Propagator
OchuOchuOchu, Elvoret
Red BatRed BatRed Bat, X-ATM092
Ruby DragonRuby DragonRuby Dragon
Snow LionSnow LionSnow Lion, Wedge/Biggs
ThrustaevisThrustaevisThrustaevis, Gargantua
TonberryTonberryTonberry, Iguion
ToramaToramaTorama, Tri- Point
T-RexaurT- RexaurT-Rexaur, Shumi Tribe
Tri- FaceTri-FaceTri-Face, Ultima Weapon
TurtapodTurtapodTurtapod, Trauma
Ultima WeaponEdenN/A
WendigoWendigoWendigo, Jumbo Cactuar

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