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Level 6-7 Boss Cards

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Level 6 Cards

Name Card Element Amount Refine(s) into
Abadon Abadon N/A 1 Dark Ammo x30
Elvoret Elvoret Wind 1 Death Stone x10
FujinRaijin FujinRaijin N/A 1 X- Potion x1
Gerogero Gerogero Poison 10 Circlet x1
Granaldo Granaldo N/A 1 G- Returner x1
Iguion Iguion N/A 1 Cockatrice Pinion x1
Krysta Krysta N/A 1 Holy Stone x10
OilBoyle OilyBoil N/A 1 Fire Ammo x30
Shumi Tribe Shumi Tribe N/A 5 Gambler Spirit x1
Trauma Trauma N/A 1 Demolition Ammo x30
X- ATM092 X- ATM092 N/A 2 Turtle Shell x1

Level 7 Cards

Name Card Element Amount Refine(s) into
BGH251F2 BGH251F2 N/A 1 Protect Stone x10
Catoblepas Catoblepas N/A 1 Rename Card x1
Gargantua Gargantua N/A 10 Strength Love x1
Jumbo Cactuar Jumbo cactuar N/A 1 Cactus Thorn x1
Mobile Type 8 Mobile Type 8 N/A 1 Shell Stone x10
Propagator Propagator N/A 1 G- Mega Potion x1
Red Giant Red Giant N/A 1 Meteor Stone x10
Sphinxara Sphinxara N/A 1 G- Mega- Potion x1
Tiamat Tiamat N/A 1 Flare Stone x10
Tri- Point Tri- Point Thunder 40 Jet- Engine x1
Ultima Weapon Ultima Weapon N/A 1 Ultima Stone x1

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