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Boss Guide

Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4

Name- The name of the boss.
HP- The amount of Hit points of the boss.
Location- Where the boss appears.
Mug- Which items you can gain when you use the GF ability "mug".
Weakness- The weaknesses of the boss.
Draw-Spells that can be drawn from this boss.
Reward- What you gain after you beat the boss.

The HP, Mug, Draw and Reward columns vary, because they depend on your Level. If your level is higher, you might draw different spells or gain other items.

Draw- Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga
This means that you can draw Thunder on Level 1-19, Thundara on level 20-29 and Thundaga on level 30 and above.
Gain- Lv.>30: Potion
This means that you only gain this Potion if your average party level is 30 or above.

Also, the HP of the bosses depend on your Level: "max." means the maximum HP he can have.
Under every table you can find a small explanation and recommended strategy to every boss. Enjoy.

For more accurate information on the bosses, please see the Monster list.

Disc 1

Name HP Location Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Ifrit max.1068 Fire Cavern N/A Ice Cure, Scan, Fire/ Fira/ Firaga Ifrit Card, G- Returner x6, 20 AP
Biggs ca. 460- 700 Dollet Communication Tower Elixir x3 N/A Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Esuna 4 AP, Elixir
Wedge max. 640 Dollet Communication Tower Cottage x3 N/A Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure Cottage x2, 4 AP
Elvoret ca. 1,500- 3,500 Dollet Communication Tower N/A N/A Siren, Cure, Double, Thunder 10 AP, G- Returner, Weapons March
X-ATM092 ca. 5,600 Dollet Communication Tower Elixir x2 Thunder Protect, Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Cure/ Cura/ Curaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga Orihalcon, Force Armlet, 50 AP
Granaldo max. 9700 Balamb Garden Training Center Wizard Stone x8 Wind Shell; Lv.<30: Blind, Sleep; Lv.>30: Silence, Confuse, Pain Wizard Stone x4, 5 AP, 10- 40 Exp
Fake President 56-778 Presidential Train N/A N/A Cure N/A
Gerogero max. 3650 Presidential Train Phoenix Down x2 Holy, Earth, Fire Berserk, Double, Esuna, Zombie Zombie Powder x8, 20 AP
Iguion max. 1747 Deling City G- Returner x6 Earth, Holy Break, Carbuncle, Cure, Esuna G- Returner x4, 10 AP
Seifer max. 1150 Deling City Hero N/A Life, Cure/ Cura/ Curaga, Fire/ Fira/ Firaga 20 AP
Edea 1,300- 7000 Deling City Elixir N/A Cura, Dispel, Double, Life 20 AP


This is an easy fight; he just has about 1000 HP. Just keep summoning Shiva with one party member and cast ice spells or kick his butt with normal attacks with the other one. The time limit stops after you have beaten him. If you have levelled up a little before you entered the cavern, you can easily choose the lowest time limit, just run from your enemies and walk straight through the cavern without paying attention to the dialogues (they're not that important anyway). If you are not confident though (or a very slow reader) you should consider choosing a higher time limit though.

Biggs & Wedge

Also quite easy. Just keep hitting both of them with physical attacks or GFs; don't waste your magic and wait until they get blown away by...


...who is a little harder. Draw Siren from him right at the beginning of the fight, kill him off with your GFs and heal your party if required. If you are strong enough you should draw a few Double- spells.

X- ATM092

This fight may be a bit harder, mainly because of the time limit. This enemy is weak to thunder, so use Quetzacotl if you have the time, or Thunder- elemental spells if you were smart enough to have stocked up on those. You can't escape at the beginning of the battle, but after you did about 1000 HP damage a battle message will appear and you can run away. However, this won't stop X-ATM092: it will keep coming after you. It IS indeed possible to escape fighting him (such as when hiding in the cafe or walking instead of running), but you will lose SeeD-points for that. It is also possible to defeat this rabid thing, but only on the bridge. You'll receive a 100 point bonus and an Orihalcon. :)


Not too difficult. Kill off the minions at the beginning, then draw a few recovery spells from him, they are quite useful. Cast your GFs a few times or kill Granaldo with physical attacks; don't waste your spells on him.

Fake President

Really easy. Kill him off with a few normal attacks. There's nothing worth drawing, or doing. Or use this opportunity to prepare yourself for the upcoming fight, if you really have to.


If you are strong enough, you can draw a few Esunas from him. Gerogero is undead, so you can easily kill him with a few recovery spells or -items; X- potions or phoenix downs will kill him in one hit. Don't we just love undeads? If you don't want to waste your items just cast your GFs a few times and Gerogero will be history.


Draw Carbuncle at the beginning of the fight, then kill them off with your GFs. Just do NOT use any fire spells or Ifrit now. Watch out, they like to petrify party members (you might want to use Siren's stat-def here).


How pitiful. The only thing you have to worry about here are his fire spells, but if you junction something against them to elemental defense it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't, it is not tragic either. Just use normal attacks and off he goes. If you lose this fight to Seifer, turn off the power and start playing pokemon games.


It doesn't matter if you lose this fight, you just don't get the AP (but they're worth fighting for!). Cast Carbuncle so she doesn't hurt you too much with her spells, then cast your GFs or use normal attacks. Use recovery items if required. Finally a decent boss fight...

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Disc 2

Name HP Location Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Biggs ca. 1,400- 2,230 Galbadia D- District Prison Regen Ring N/A Cure, Haste, Slow, Regen; Lv.>20: Cura Elixir, 10 AP
Wedge max. 2139 Galbadia D- District Prison Strength Love N/A Shell, Reflect, Protect; Fire/ Fira/ Firaga Remedy x8, 5 AP
GIM52A max. 19,400 Galbadia D- District Prison Missile Thunder, Earth, Water Haste, Slow; Lv.<30: Dispel; Lv.>30: Esuna, Dispel Lv.<20: Screw x4, Windmill, Missile, Fuel x2; Lv.<30: Screw x8, Missile, Windmill, Fuel x6; Lv.>30: Missile x2, Fuel x6, Windmill x2
Elite Soldier max. 4,940 Galbadia D- District Prison Cottage, Lv.<30: Tent Poison Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga; Lv.<20: Scan, Lv.>30: Dispel 2 AP; Lv.<20: Potion, Phoenix Down, Cottage, Shotgun Ammo x8;;30: Cottage, Hi-Potion, Potion, Phoenix Down; Lv.>30: Cottage, Hi- Potion, Potion x3
BGH521F2 ca. 4,200- 8,400 Galbadia Missile Base N/A Thunder, Earth, Water Shell, Protect, Stop 20 AP
Oilboyle max. 15,630 Balamb Garden MD- Level Lv.<30: Fuel x4, Lv.>30: Fuel x8, Orihalcon Fire Cure/ Cura/ Curaga, Esuna, Confuse, Lv.>30: Dispel 8 Wizard Stones, 20 AP, Lv.>30: Orihalcon x2
NORG's capsule 2000 Balamb Garden master Room N/A N/A Cure/ Cura/ Curaga N/A
NORG max. 12,200 Balamb Garden master Room Circlet Wind Esuna, Shell, Protect, Leviathan Wizard Stone x8, 20 AP
NORG's left orb max. 2,865 Balamb Garden master Room Mag- Up x4 Immune to all elements Bio, Life; Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga Wizard Stone x8
NORG's right orb max. 2,865 Balamb Garden master Room Spr- Up x4 Immune to all elements Confuse, Dispel, Slow Wizard Stone x8
BGH521F2 ca. 5000- 7,800 Fisherman's Horizon Adamantine Thunder, Water, Earth Shell, Protect, Stop Running Fire, Missile
Raijin 400- 40,000 Balamb Hotel, Balamb Town Square Str- Up x2 Poison Shell, Thunder, Thundara, Protect Str- Up, 10 AP
Fujin 300- 8,700 Balamb Hotel Hero, Megalixir Poison Aero, Cura, Life, Pandemona Megalixir, Combat King 002, 10 AP
Seifer max. 10,300 Galbadia Garden Mega Phoenix x8 Poison Fire/Fira/Firaga, Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga, Dispel, Haste Mega Potion x8, 20 AP
Edea max. 16,000 Galbadia Garden Royal Crown N/A Alexander, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga, Demi, Esuna Force Armlet

Biggs and Wedge

Oh, not those two again... Same as always, just kick them off the stage with a few normal attacks. You can draw some useful spells from them, too.

GTM52As, Soldier

Watch out with the robots, they have a few strong attacks. Kill the soldier first so he doesn't heal them, then trash the robots with a few lightning spells. This shouldn't be too difficult.


This one is a little more difficult. Cast GFs, heal party members by drawing recovery spells from him and casting them on your party and hurry up a little. Thunder magic and Quetzalcotl do quite a good job here. At the end, just kill off the soldiers by casting Shiva once or twice or kick their butts with physical attacks.


Squall's Limit Break works well on those two. Cast a few fire spells and summon Ifrit and after less than 10 rounds they will be history.


Someone should give this guy plastic surgery for christmas. The two orbs at NORG's sides turn from blue to yellow and then to red. When turn red, they are dangerous, so you should keep one or two characters busy by letting them attack the orbs physically to reset the process. Heal if required. Break NORG's capsule with physical attacks (I recommend Squall's Limit Break here) and then quickly draw Leviathan from him. He's weak against air attacks, so use Aero or Tornado and your strongest GFs while keeping an eye on the orbs and you should be good to go. :)


This is a lot easier than the first time since you have a lot of time (and it's weaker, too!). Use Leviathan, Quezacoatl and a few thunder spells and finally send this thing to the junk yard.


Use physical attacks and GFs. Don't use thunder magic or Quezaco (yes, that's my nickname for him :o) and keep your HP high for the next round, because there won't be a chance to heal inbetween.

Fujin and Raijin

Fujin is one of the very few problematic bosses in the game. Draw Pandemona from Fujin at the beginning of the fight and use your GFs and magic (again, NO thunder- elemental magic or thunder- GFs here!) to beat them. If you need to heal, just draw the recovery spells from Raijin and cast them on your party members.


A little stronger than last time, Seifer is still not a hard challenge. There's nothing special to do; just cast your GFs or hit him with normal attacks, heal if it gets critical. You can draw Haste from him and cast it on your characters which will make things a little more convenient.

Seifer and Edea

Draw Alexander from Edea at the beginning of the battle so you don't forget it, then quickly bash Seifer until he's dead. Watch your HP, you need them for Edea. Cast your strongest GFs and keep one or two characters healing the others- especially her Maelstrom- attack is a real killer. Cerberus could be really helpful here so you can quickly cast defence and recovery spells.

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Disc 3

Name HP Location Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Abadon ca. 510- 17,000 Great Salt Lake (Esthar) Power Wrist Cure, Holy, Fire Esuna, Dispel, Cure/ Cura/ Curaga, Lv.>30: Flare Flare Stone, 40 AP
Fujin 5300- 18,200 Lunatic Pandora Megalixir Poison Aero/ Tornado, Life, Full-Life, Cure/ Cura/ Curaga Megalixir, 8 AP
Raijin max. 22,200 Lunatic Pandora Power Wrist Poison Shell, Protect; Lv.<20: Thunder; Lv.<30: Thunder, Thundara; Lv.>30: Thundara, Thundaga Str- Up x6, 10 AP
Mobile Type 8 max. 42,300 Lunatic Pandora Laser Cannon x4 Thunder Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga Laser Cannon x4, 10 AP
Seifer max. 34,500 Lunatic Pandora Hero, Holy War Poison Aura, Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga Hero, Holy Way, 40 AP


A piece of cake! Same strategy as with Gerogero (remember the freak in the presidential train?): Abadon is undead, so you can kill him easily with cure spells, recovery items or Leviathan's "Recover"- ability.

Fujin and Raijin

A LOT easier than the first time. You still shouldn't use thunder/ wind magic and thus, Quetzalcotl and Pandemona are taboo. Keep summoning your strongest GFs (Bahamut would be useful, since he's non- elemental) and heal your characters by drawing full- life from them and casting it on your party.

Mobile Type 8

Thank god this thing doesn't have too many HP. Junction thunder spells to your attack and slash this overdimensional lamp with Squall's gunblade. Don't forget to summon Cerberus; you will need a lot of healing here. Let your other characters attack with Quetzalcotl and thunder spells. Attack the lasers at the sides first, because if you attack the others it counterattacks.


Draw Aura, and draw TONS of it. You won't get many chances to get this spell so easily, and Seifer is really pathetic, so take your time to stock up on this very precious spell. Also, Mug him. The only good thing about Seifer are the things he has in his pockets! Once you have enough of it, just wipe Seifer off the picture. Physical attacks should suffice- as usual. Loser.

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Disc 4

Name HP Location Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Adel 6000- 51,000 Lunatic Pandora Samantha Soul N/A Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga N/A
Sphinxara 10,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A Holy Cura/ Cura/ Curaga, Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga Megalixir x2, 30 AP
Trauma 1,010- 3128 Ultimecia's castle Meteor Stone Wind Dispel, Esuna N/A
Red Giant ca. 30,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Pandemona, Demi Diamond Armor, 30 AP
Tri- Point max. 22,400 Ultimecia's castle N/A Fire, Ice Blind, Haste, Siren, Tornado Rocket Engine, 30 AP
Krysta max. 16,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Carbuncle, Holy Element Guard, 30 AP
Gargantua 10,100- 15,400 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Bio, Cerberus, Reflect, Quake Magic Armlet, 40 AP
Catoblepas 10,500- 60,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A Earth, Water Alexander, Meteor Status Attack, 30 AP
Tiamat max. 89,600 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Eden, Flare Status Guard, 30 AP
Omega Weapon 111,105- 1,161,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A Absorbs all elements Flare, Holy, Ultima, Meteor Three Stars, 250 AP
Ultimecia max. 43,000 Ultimecia's castle N/A Poison Demi, haste, Slow, Reflect N/A
Griever max. 115,950 Ultimecia's castle N/A Absorbs Poison Bio, Tornado, Quake N/A
Griever (with Ultimecia) max. 176,250 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Fire/ Fira/ Firaga, Thunder/ Thundara/ Thundaga, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga N/A
Final Ultimecia max. 278,900 Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Apocalypse*, Flare, Holy N/A

*You can just draw this when the monster changes form.


Important: don't let Rinoa die. Sigh, the only chance in this game to kill Rinoa and you may not do it or it will be Game Over :( But at least you can mug her, and you really should, because it will give you a whopping 8 Megalixirs. Draw Regen from her and cast it on herself at the beginning of the fight. Quickly cure and shell your party when the countdown starts; Adell will cast Ultima when it is done. GFs won't help very much here; if you do use them though don't forget to heal Rinoa (if you aren't busy with healing yourself). Keep smashing Adel with Squall's normal attack, Limit break and Shadow attack (if Diablos is junctioned to him). Air magic works well against Adel, and again, Cerberus/ Triple will be your friend in this fight.

Bosses in Ultimecia's castle

Most of these bosses are optional. In case you missed some GFs earlier in the game, you can now draw a few of them from the Bosses in Ultimecia's castle.


Just hit him until he dies. It's the only thing you can do anyway. I recommend unlocking GFs here, or Limit Breaks if you have strong ones and don't like using GFs.


Not too difficult. He's weak against air attacks. Use your strongest GFs a few times and use physical attacks with Squall. You can draw Leviathan from Trauma.

Red Giant

Diablos and Cactuar will kill this guy in no time. Limit breaks and Demi work well, too. Other Magic is pretty useless. His sword attacks are very strong, but if you blind him, they miss most of the time. Unfortunately, his defence is very high. You can draw Pandemona from him.

Tri- Point

Of all the bosses in Ultimecia's castle, I think this is the one I had most difficulties with. Draw Siren from him if you don't have her. Junction fire spells to your elemental attack and thunder spells to your elemental defence, and check his weakness: they alternate between fire and ice. Mostly, once you attacked with an ice- elemental attack, he changes his weakness to fire and the other way around. If you don't do proper junctioning though, his Mega- Spark attack will be a real challenge and you will need to heal a lot.


Leviathan's Recover command is recommended here. Don't use physical attacks against him, because he will counterattack. Just use your GFs to smash him and watch out for his final attack- which is Ultima, so keep your HP high. You can draw Carbuncle from him.


Pound this monster until the real boss appears and use your GFs again, because he also counterattacks. He's weak against holy- elemental attacks. Also cast Float because of his strong earth- elemental attacks. Watch out, he likes to give your party a few status changes. Here you can draw Cerberus.


You can draw Alexander from him. He is weak against earth and water, has a lot of HP and sometimes casts Meteor, so be prepared. Junction thunder magic to your elemental defense and keep healing your party. Summon Leviathan, Shiva and the brothers and you should be just fine.


Meet Bahamut's little (or big?) brother, Tiamat! You can draw Eden from this boss in case you missed him earlier. Use your STRONGEST spells- Flare, Meteor, Ultima, Aura, Shell, Regen, whatever works. Doomtrain and Cerberus/Triple spellswill be very useful, because you will probably need to heal a lot. Cast Haste on your party at the beginning of the fight and always look out for his Dark Flare, because it will take away over half of your HP if you don't cast any protective spells. The good thing is his countdown- that gives you a lot of time to heal, or better yet, try out Squall's Renzokuken on him and kill him before he even gets to attacking you :)

Omega Weapon

This is the hardest fight in the game, so you should be well prepared. Omega weapon is an optional boss, so you don't HAVE to beat him. If you do though, you will be rewarded with 250 AP- and the fact that you've beaten a real hard nut. Don't go into this fight unless you have all characters on max HP, all GFs, a LOT of Holy wars, Aura and Hero drinks and everything else you could need. And watch out for his Omega Flare. Have your characters on Level 99 instead of 100, because Omega Weapon knows Lv5 Death- which kills everyone whose Level is a multiple of 5. That's all I can tell you, there's no good strategy you could use except for using your best items, your best GFs, your best magic, your best attacks/ Limit Breaks and... being invincible. Good luck, you will need it.
(And of course there's the cheating way of using Selphie's "The End"- Limit break, which should kill him in one hit. But of course you would never do that.)


Now, this is the final battle, so make use of your strongest and best spells and items! Have no fear, it's easier than the fight against Omega Weapon, but since the game is over after this anyway, it can't hurt to show off and rub into Ultimecia's face how many Holy Wars you have. I hope you refined all the Megalixirs from the Bahamut- card; if you battled Omega Weapon you might not have 100 anymore, but hopefully still a lot. If you don't have any at all, I pity you. At the beginning of the fight, your party will be chosen randomly. No reason to panic, just let the weaker characters die and wait until the best party has come together. Heal everyone, summon Cerberus and cast Haste, Regen and Shell on the party. Don't attack with strong spells yet. Heal every round and kick Ultimecia with GFs (except for Doomtrain, Diablos and The Brothers, that is not such a good idea) and physical attacks until she summons Griever.


Keyword here is: Aura. Aura. And even more Aura. One character heals every round and renews the protection spells, the other characters kick him with triple Ultima/Meteor/Flare and, if Squall is available, his Limit Break. Keep your HP as high as possible; sometimes Griever casts Shockwave. This is a neat attack which makes you lose at least 7000 HP, so always have some strong recovery spells and -items at hand or your party goes bye-bye very quickly.

Ultimecia and Griever

Now it's the two of them. I don't like this. Same strategy as before, cast as many protection and recovery spells as there are available. This form has a few very powerful spells, healing is a must. If you don't have Triple, you have a problem. A big one.

Final Ultimecia

Hell's Judgement. Bad spell. Very bad spell. It decreases your HP to 1. If you use a Holy war after that though, you can lock everyone at 1 HP and use your Limit Breaks easily. Ultimecia throws powerful spells and, if that wasn't enough already, she also steals yours! Pound with Squall's Limit Break to teach her a lesson. After a while, Ultimecia will start to grow a little platform. That means you should keep your HP at, let's say, 8000- 9000 minimum as she will use a pretty little attack called Apocalypse, which will make you lose about 7000 HP if you're well prepared. Now, I hope you still have Triple, because for a short time, you'll be able to draw Apokalypse from her. In other words: whatever she throws at you, you throw back into her face thrice. Don't forget to heal in your rage, and don't be frustrated. After a long, exhausting battle she will explode in a big boom and everything left is a beautiful end sequence. Congratulations :)

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