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Disc 1

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Getting started Fire Cavern: SeeD pre-exam Dollet: Becoming a SeeD Timber: Helping the Forest Owls Galbadia Garden: A memorable meeting Deling City: The parade

Things to do on Disc 1

Here's a complete to- do list for disc 1 as a short overview (only listed what you have to do in order to advance in the storyline). It doesn't contain any spoilers, but also doesn't list any of the extras you can get. For the detailed walkthrough, click on the sections of the table above.

    Balamb and the Fire Cavern
  • Wake up at the infirmary and go to the class room.
  • Explore Garden a little, receive your first Triple Triad cards and meet your instructor, Quistis Trepe, in front of the Garden. Follow her to the Fire cavern.
  • Choose a time limit and run straight through the cave without paying attention to the dialogue. Beat the boss at the end of the cave to receive his card. He will join you as the GF Ifrit.

  • Dollet
  • Go back to the Balamb Garden, to the quarters and change your outfit. Go to the lobby to meet Quistis, Seifer and Zell.
  • Go to the garage, get a car and proceed to the beach. Once there, enter the boat and listen to your instructions.
  • Upon arrival in Dollet, follow Seifer to the market place. Talk to everyone (including the dog) and follow Seifer to the Communication Tower.
  • At the tower, meet Selphie and go to the top of the tower. Kill Biggs and Wedge, then Elvoret.
  • Leave the tower and run away from the huge mechanical spider. (Run away from the spider. If the fight can't be avoided, fight, as soon as the message appears run away, repeat.)
  • Talk to Cid, change clothes again, play through the ball sequence. Follow Quistis to the "secret place" (go through the hole at the back of the training hall).
  • Talk to Quistis, defeat Granaldo on your way back to the quarters, go to sleep.

  • Timber
  • The next morning, talk to Cid. Buy a ticket, get on the train and talk to Zell.
  • As Laguna: Walk north through the fields and board the truck, then go to the hotel in Galbadia and play through the bar scene. After a lot of talking your original party will wake up in the train.
  • Talk to Watts, then go south and board the train. Talk to everyone, then go to the back and talk to the princess, Rinoa. Go back to the others, have a briefing, listen to the instructions.
  • Again, talk to Watts, jump over the train roofs, unlock both of the locks and enter the presidential train. Defeat the fake president and Gerogero.
  • Once more, talk to Watts, return to Timber. Head to the pub, defeat soldiers, give the gained Buel- card to the drunk man in the pub. Leave through the back door, continue through the small alley and play through the small scene at the top of the station.
  • In the house, talk to Quistis twice, leave, talk to Watts then to Zone, leave Timber. Walk across the bridge, board the train, talk to everyone on board, get off the train at the first stop and go to the small forest to the west.

  • Interlude: Forest and Galbadia Garden
  • As Laguna: Go north until you reach a three-way-fork. Take the exit above the save point. Defeat all of the soldiers and jump off the cliff.
  • Wake up in the train. Head northwest to Galbadia Garden. Let Quistis contact the headmaster, then go to the second floor and enter the door to the south side of the hall.
  • Talk to Zell, Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie in that order and exit the room. Go downstairs, talk to Fu-Jin and Rai- Jin. Go to the entrance, talk to Rinoa, then Martine. Take the train to Deling City.

  • Deling City
  • Take bus line 08 to the Caraway mansion. Talk to the soldier at the entrance. Go northwest to the Tomb of the Unknown King, check the sword at the entrance and go back to the soldier. Tell him the code that was engraved on the sword and he will let you in.
  • Talk to Rinoa, then Caraway. Take a tour through the City and listen to your instructions. Back in the mansion, gain control of Quistis and try to leave the room. You will crash into Rinoa.
  • As Rinoa, climb over the boxes and proceed over the roof. Try to trick the witch and fail.
  • As Quistis, take a wineglass from the cabinet and place it on the statue. You will enter the sewers. Continue north.
  • Take the same tour over the boxes and roofs with Squall and Irvine. Walk through the corridor, kill the Iguions. Go into the music box and take the gun.
  • Back in the sewers, walk clockwise until you find the exit. Climb up the ladder, look through the window and flip the switch.
  • Play through the small sequence, then fight Seifer and the witch. So much for Disc 1.

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