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Disc 3

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Edea's house and White SeeD Ship Esthar, the city of wonders Interlude: Lunatic Pandora Space and its Ragnarok: Save Rinoa! Lunatic Pandora, take two

Things to do on Disc 3

Like on the two previous discs, here a list with things you need to do in order to advance the storyline. No spoilers, extras or most optional things listed.

    Edea's house
  • Go to Edea's house at the centra continent and talk to her.
  • Back in the garden, go to the infirmary and check on Rinoa.
  • As Laguna: Play through the dragon mini-game and defeat him in battle afterwards.
  • Go back to Edea's house and receive her letter.
  • Travel to the Ship of the White SeeDs, talk to everybody including Zone and the leader. Go back inside the garden, have a look at Rinoa in the infirmary.
  • Walk down the railroad tracks with Rinoa on your shoulders, then leave and enter the area to the east. Fight the boss, and continue on. Leave the Salt Lake, walk towards the blinking light and check it to enter.
  • Take the elevator, watch the sequence.
  • As Laguna: Talk to everyone until the guards leave, talk to your friends again and escape. Take the elevator upstairs and overhear the conversation, then leave, talk to the person outside, go back inside and talk to Odyne. Search for Ellone near the transporter, kill off the soldiers, check the panel until the lock opens and take the transporter.
  • Talk to Odyne at the palace. Leave the city and go to the Lunar Gate.
    Lunar Gate and Esthar
  • talk to the employees and Rinoa's dog. Talk to the researcher again, form a new party and go back to Esthar.
  • In Esthar, talk to Odyne for a new mission. Board the Lunatic Pandora when it passes the city and walk around inside until you find a robot which will kick you back out.
    Space Station
  • Check on Rinoa, drop her off into the isolated chamber. Talk to everyone, check the monitor and go talk to Ellone (southern room). Talk to everyone and check the monitor again.
  • Go back to Rinoa's room, follow her, take the space suit out of the locker, follow Rinoa further to the bridge and air lock. Rescue her in the mini game.
  • In the space ship, take off the space suits and defeat the monsters: always kill two of the same color in a row. You have to kill them all. Go to the control room, contact the base in Esthar and let Selphie fly you into safety.
  • After Rinoa was taken away, go to the sorceress' memorial, talk to the guards, go inside and talk to the researchers. Go left to find Rinoa and rescue her.
    Lunatic Pandora
  • Talk to the president in Esthar (palace). Then fly the space ship to the Lunatic Pandora and fly into it. Fight the first two bosses, follow them inside, fight the robot, walk further inside and kill the last boss.

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