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Disc 2

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Winhill and Galbadia Prison Sabotaging the Missile Base NORG, the master of disaster Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon Back in Balamb Trabia Garden to Edea's house Showdown in Galbadia Garden

Things to do on Disc 2

And once again, like on Disc 1, a spoiler- free to-do list which does not contain any optional tasks or items.

    Winhill and Galbadia Prison
  • As Laguna: Talk to Ellone, then Kiros in the pub next door. Exit the pub, walk south, play through the sequence and return to the pub to get some sleep.
  • Back in the real world, you'll find yourself imprisoned. Talk to everyone and finally Rinoa. After the alternating scenes, break out the cell with Zell and the others. Go up to the 8th floor to get your weapons, then go up to the 13th floor to rescue Squall. Use the crane to get to the bottom. Fight the guards with Squall's party and reunite with Irvine and Rinoa..
  • You will split up into two groups. Squall's group will go upstairs, Irvine's group fights their way down to the 3rd floor. Activate the elevator with both groups, talk to the Moomba, leave the control room and fight the bosses. On the bridge, press right or Squall will fall down (game over).
    Missile Base
  • Talk to Selphie, split up into two groups again. With Squall's party, go board the train. Drive Selphie's party to the Missile Base in the southwest. The guards will let you through without any problems. Use the entrance to the right and check the wall between the two steel doors. Search for the two mechanics by the loading dock and deliver the message to the mechanic near the elevator; then go back to tell him the answer.
  • Return to the security door (in the room where you were at the beginning), the guard will let you in. Destroy the controls and activate the self-destruct mechanism. Set a time limit then run outside. Go back inside as Selphie forgot something. Talk to the injured soldier, get his ID-card and password. Log in at the control panel (password is EDEA, use the game controls to type it in). Set the error ratio to maximum. Select data upload, then go outside to fight the boss.
    Balamb Garden
  • Go back to Balamb Garden where everyone is searching for Cid. Run around the garden clockwise, meet Xu, follow her to the second floor. Talk to her again and go up to the 3rd floor to meet Cid and talk to him.
  • Use the elevator once more to go to the MD- level of the garden. Examine the controls, then the hatch. Walk through the corridor, open the next hatch and turn the wheel in the small room.
  • Have Squall climb up the ladder, check the control panel, use the ladder to go back to your party. Go down the ladder by the green light, pull the lever and fight the demi-bosses.
  • Proceed down the bridge and search the controls. Activate the lever; a small sequence will take place. Walk around in the garden and have a look at things, then go to sleep.
  • Show Rinoa around the garden the next day, meet the guard at the garden overview- panel at the entrance. Use the elevator once more to go down to the Master- level, defeat NORG, the boss. Then talk to Cid in the infirmary, and afterwards to Xu in the entrance hall. Go to the balcony, have a look at the White SeeDs, go to the library and meet Ellone who will join them. Then go to sleep in the dormitory again.
    Fisherman's Horizon
  • Leave the garden over the balcony on the second floor, enter the village. Talk to the mayor and his wife (his house is in the village center), then follow him outside along the railroad tracks. Fight the boss at the village square.
  • Explore the village for goodies, then return to the garden. On the way back, talk to Rinoa, Irvine and Selphie. Go to Cid, report the situation. Compile a music band, watch the concert and play through the scene. The next day, meet Xu and Niida on the garden bridge (3rd floor) and head to balamb city.
    Balamb City
  • Talk to the guards until they let you enter the village (let Squall make up a lie). Talk to everybody in the village and meet Zell's mom. Go to the hotel, then back to Zell's house and rest in his room. Then go search for the commander: talk to everyone in the village, including the dog. Then talk to the soldier, Zell's mom, the soldier inside the train station and finally the dog at the docks.
  • Follow the dog. Fight Rai-Jin, then Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin together at the Balamb Hotel. After the fight, return to the garden bridge and discuss where to go next (Trabia Garden).
    Trabia Garden
  • Go to Trabia Garden to the far north, follow Selphie inside. Talk to everybody, activate the control panel and meet Selphie at the basketball court. Watch a long sequence take place and talk to everybody; both in the present and during the flashback.
  • Talk to Rinoa to form a new party. Go to Edea's house near the Centra continent. Check the house (you can't enter), enter your Garden and fly towards Galbadia garden on a southern island.
    Galbadia Garden
  • Give your orders to the students, go downstairs. Talk to Zell and Rinoa at the stage (leave the garden to the left), return to the bridge and take control of Zell's party. Reform your party at the front gate and rescue the students on the second floor (in the classroom) and the student by the emergency exit. Talk to Kadowaki on the bridge, then leave again to the left. Name the ring.
  • Upon entering Galbadia Garden, walk right from the save point and up the stairs, then go left from there to find the first card key.
  • Go back to the save point and walk left from there. Open the door to the left with the card key, cross the ice stadium and leave it through the northern door. Enter the room to the right and talk to the student for the second card key.
  • Go to the third floor using the stairs to the right of the save point once more. Go up the metal stairs and jump down into the court yard at the end of the room. Cross the hall and defeat the monster, Cerberus, if you wish (he will join you as a GF).
  • Head west from here and enter the left door in the corridor to find a girl who holds the third and final card key. Go back to the entrance hall, take the stairs on the right, then go further left and take the elevator.
  • Fight Seifer, then go back downstairs. Enter the auditorium and fight Seifer and Edea.

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