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Showdown in Galbadia Garden

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Winhill and Galbadia Prison Sabotaging the Missile Base NORG, the master of disaster Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon Back in Balamb Trabia Garden to Edea's house Showdown in Galbadia Garden

GFs: Cerberus, Alexander
Items: A few nice boss rewards. Mega Potions, Heros, Holy Wars, the usual.

Finally some big action. The Garden is under attack! Move the garden close to the Galbadian one, and the war shall begin. Let Squall give his orders to the students (the hotdogs! SAVE THE HOTDOGS!), then go downstairs. Talk to all students you meet, prepare to defend everything with your life! Oh, dramatic, isn't it. Kill off some Galbadians (in the classroom for example), pick up free items from some of the students, talk to Dr. Kadowaki on the bridge, save the student on the second floor near the emergency exit. Once you checked everything out, let Zell's party meet Squall at the entrance. Rescue Rinoa and everyone else you forgot to rescue up to now, then leave the garden to the left. On the way, Rinoa will talk to you about the ring and you will name it. Then, continue on your way and enter the lair of the enemy: Galbadia Garden.

Okay. Save at the save point, you might meet some evil enemies here. Starting here, go to the right, walk up the stairs (you will meet Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin on the way, what a pleasant surprise!) and go left to pic up the first key. Go back to the save point, save, draw some spells from the monsters on the way, they carry Life and it's a blessing to junction. Now go to the left and open the left door, you should be at the ice rink now. Take this opportunity to level up: these monsters may be quick but they give tons of good rewards, and they don't take much to go down. I always take some time to stay here and kill quite a few of them (they come in packs, too!) for a shower of experience.

Once you had enough, go across the ice and leave through the northern door and enter the right room in the next corridor. Another student will be waiting and place the second card key into your safe hands! Go to the third floor, and up the metal stairs. You can jump down into the courtyard in the back, so go ahead and do that. Enter the hall through the left- and you will see Cerberus already, one huge monster standing in the middle of the hall. Before you talk to him though, go to the save point and save your game. Cerberus is a lot stronger than you might think. Defeat him in battle and he will join you as a GF. If you don't feel too ready yet, try defeating a few of the tr-faces around to level up; they're worth the trouble.

NameDescriptionHP LocationMugWeakness DrawReward
CerberusA 3-headed demon-dog of hell. In Triple, each of the 3 heads uses different magic. The tail is also powerful. 100x + 7000 Galbadia Garden Lobby Spd- J Scroll N/A Double, Quake, Triple G-Returner x8, 30 AP

Don't use any wind or lightning attacks, stock up on his Triple spells if you can because it's one of the best spells in the game to junction, and one of the most useful spells when it comes to casting magic. Aside from that, watch out because he has some very strong attacks to annoy you with, so occupy one person as a constant healer. It's advisable to start the fight by drawing and casting triple on yourself directly to have a base on which you can fight. He may have three heads, but now you have three people with three...heads each! Kind of. Reflect and Protect may help, but I'm generally not a fan of reflecting spells especially here because you might need to heal yourself magically. Use fire magic and Ifrit to show him who his master is. He better lower his head in admiration! All three of them!

Save after you got him and check the light for a hidden draw point. Heal, junction and feast on the wonderful new abilities that come with your newly gained pet! With new forces in your pocket, you can now continue to your original mission. You have a sorceress and her lover's butt to kick. Leave the entrance hall through the left corridor and talk to the student in the left room to get the third and final card key. Return to where you fought Cerberus, then head north from there, take the stairs on the right and enter the elevator in your sight. Some last junctioning and healing done? Good! Save, and be ready to meet the final bosses on this Disc: Seifer and Edea.

NameDescriptionHP LocationMugWeakness DrawReward
Seifer Attacks with Edea to destroy SeeD. His sword skills have been refined, and he has gained more skills. 300x + 1000 Galbadia Garden Mega Phoenix x8 Poison Fire/Fira/Firaga, Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga, Dispel, Haste Mega Potion x8, 20 AP
Seifer Defeated once and still trying to fight to save his pride. HP is lower due to the defeat, but skills are higher. 200x + 1000 Galbadia Garden Hero, Holy War Poison Fire/Fira/Firaga, Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga, Dispel, Haste Hero, Holy War, 20 AP
Edea A sorceress bent on conquering the world. Hired Galbadia Garden forces to destroy SeeD, which stands in her way. max. 16,000 Galbadia Garden Royal Crown N/A Alexander, Blizzard/ Blizzara/ Blizzaga, Demi, Esuna Force Armlet

Seifer is as pathetic as ever, though a bit stronger than last time. Mug him for a nice bonus on Mega Phoenixes, other than that, kill him off with GFs and normal attacks. Once he starts using Hi-potions, you will know the fight is close to being over. Don't waste your time with him. Edea will teleport herself into safety, so take the elevator back downstairs and go to the auditorium you might have noticed before. Now meet both the witch and her knight at once. This is a bit more difficult, since she knows the very annoying and very dreadful Maelstrom- attack. Kill Seifer off first (he's even weaker now, but mug him for a Hero and Holy War), then draw the Alexander- GF from Edea. This GF is a MUST if you want to get the Doomtrain-GF later on, otherwise it won't be possible. Use fire- based attacks on her, and Cerberus might be of use as well. Draw Demi from her and throw it back on her directly to cause major damage; also use Shell to protect yourself and Dispel to fight the annoying Slow- condition. That's it! Kick the witch out and watch the ending sequence. Rinoa will get hurt, but who cares anyway. It just means more shmalz in the future.
Conclusion of Disc 2? Seifer is still a weakling, the elevator in Fisherman's Horizon is WAY too slow, and hockey players are sexy.