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Sabotaging the Missile Base

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Winhill and Galbadia Prison Sabotaging the Missile Base NORG, the master of disaster Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon Back in Balamb Trabia Garden to Edea's house Showdown in Galbadia Garden

GFs: None
Items: Weapon's monthly June

Alrighties! It's time to kick some Galbadian butt and sabotage their missile base. Who doesn't love sabotaging enemies' bases? Drive the car to the southwest of the continent and enter the base. Now the fun can begin.
Enter the western bunker, the guards will let you pass without any difficulties (says a lot about their security. This job should be easy). Steal some uniforms- just like in the movies! :D- and take the stairs. Go down and check the wall between the steel doors. One of your party members will have a stolen ID- card, which is a good thing for once. Act naturally and search for the two mechanics near the missile loading dock who will ask you to deliver a message to another mechanic near the elevator. Do this, then go back and tell him the answer.

Next task: control the machines. And who would've thought, you're nice enough to do that too, right? Of course. Enter the room you arrived at in the very beginning, the guards will let you pass once more. Now the sabotaging may finally begin! Let Selphie smash around on the panels until she demolishes it. Finally her clumsiness comes in handy. Now search for the control room. It's the one that was guarded before, now, however, nobody will be there and you're free to enter. Knock out the crew and activate the self destruct mechanism in the back of the room. If you set the time to 10 minutes, your SeeD- level will rise, but you might run short on time during the boss fight (which might not be easy).

Run outside, then Selphie will remember she forgot something (Selphie coming in handy more than once? Too good to be true), so run back as fast as possible and search for a hurt soldier, who'll give you his ID- card and password. Go to the control panel, log in (the password is EDEA, type it!) and set the error ratio for the missiles to- you guessed it- maximum. Now they're bound to miss! Then select 'Data upload' and RUN outside. You may now say hi to Galbadia's newest mobile, fire spitting pile of junk.

Name Description HP Location Mug Weakness Draw Reward
BGH251F2 Named Iron Clad for its defense capability. The main cannon is more powerful than X-ATM092's Ray-Bomb. 200x + 4000 (4200- max. 8400) Galbadia Missile Base N/A Thunder, Earth, Water Shell, Stop, Protect Weapons June Issue, 20 AP

Depending on what time limit you chose, this can either be really hard or ridiculously easy. Use lightning attacks, Quetzacotl, thunder spells- whatever comes into your mind; if you need to heal you can draw healing spells again. Just watch out for the laser beam countdown. It’s evil and hurts. GFs do a good job here to take some damage for you. At the end of the fight, you'll receive a Weapon's monthly, June issue.
Now a short sequence will follow where your party tries to get out of the base. However... THERE IS NO ESCAPE! Really, there isn’t. You may now watch your party go ka- boom. ;-; Oh well. At least you still have your other party. I wonder how they’ve been over in Balamb garden…?

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