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Trabia Garden to Edea's House

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Winhill and Galbadia Prison Sabotaging the Missile Base NORG, the master of disaster Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon Back in Balamb Trabia Garden to Edea's house Showdown in Galbadia Garden

GFs: Chicobo?
Items: Timber Maniacs, Weapons monthly, August issue

You know have the possibility to do the Chocobo- sidequest while you're at it; see the sidequest- section for details. You'll find a Chocobo- forest to the north of Trabia garden. In the process, you can gain the Chicobo demi-GF, which you can summon during battle if you use Gysahl Greens. He may be weak in the beginning, but he gains strength if you train him in Chocobo- world (see the Chocobo world- section for details on this one!). Anyway, once arrived, follow Selphie into what's left of Trabia Garden. You will find a Timber Maniacs in the cemetary, so go pick it up. You will also find a very useful Weapons monthly, august issue, below the fountain in the lower right corner of the screen. It's hard to find because you almost can't see it anymore, it's really at the bottom of the screen. It's about five steps down from the fountain and the gargoyle statue. There's also a hidden drawpoint around which you should empty while you're plundering the place. Aura is a useful spell indeed.

Now talk to everyone around, then activate the control panel and wait for Selphie on the basketball court. Then try to leave, and a long sequence will start where all characters remember how and where they've met in the past, and how the GFs have been messing with their minds. Don't worry though; regardless of what they say, how often you use them has no effect on the storyline whatsoever. During the sequence, all you really have to do is run around and talk to everybody to play through it (yes, even when you control little Squall).

Lastly, talk to Rinoa and form a new party. Your next stop will be Edea's house. Before you go there you could take the opportunity and battle a few monsters in the area; some of them carry useful spells such as Life or Esuna.

Time to pay the place which you saw in the sequence a visit: the former orphanage, Edea's house. It's far to the south on the world map around the Centra continent. Float around until you see the lighthouse, get out, check out the house (you can't enter yet, just "talk" to it), then save. Not far from this place you will see Galbadia Garden, and you're right when you take this as a bad omen. Prepare well- a big battle is just ahead of you now...

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