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The secret of Obel Lake

You'll find Obel Lake after walking north from Timber for a while. Do this side quest if you want to earn a "Three Stars", which makes your GF learn Expend x3-1. It can also be refined into Triple x100 with the Time Mag- RF. The only way to get more of these is to modify Squall's card or beat Omega Weapon- or do more side quests.

Press X at the small peninsula. You'll have two options: throw rocks or hum.
Keep humming until a shadow appears. Choose to help him, then he will disappear. Throw rocks at the lake until you get the message "the rock skipped many times", then you can search for the monkey.

If you return to the lake, you'll get a few hints. Not all of them will lead to the monkey, but they tell you where to get good items:
Near Dollet (a little to the west) you'll find a forest. Mr. Monkey will be waiting for you. Throw rocks at him, and eventually he will throw a rock with letters (U, R, H, A, E, O) on it at you. Now return to the lake and talk to the voice for rumours.

-"At the beach in Balamb, something special washes ashore at times."
This is the first hint. Go to Rinaud Coast (the beach near Balamb) and search for a stone with the letters "S, T, S, R, L, M" on it.

-"There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and cavern."
There's a mountain near Galbadia Garden, you'll recognize it because of the waterfall. Go to the cliff right above it and press X. You'll have to fight a Thrustaevis (ooh, how difficult) and receive another stone afterwards- which shows the letters "E A S N P D". Mystifying...

-"You'll find something on an island east of Timber too..."
This island is (now who would have thought?) somewhere to the east of Timber. It's the one without a beach. Land on it to find a stone reading "R, F, A, I, D, R".

- (..)Eldbeak Peninsula"
Oh please, don't make it too difficult. Go to the Eldbeak Peninsula (go north from Balamb) where you will find a stone pillar with ""TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE" on it. If you remove "time" and "off", "Treasure at Minde Isle" will be left. Minde Isle is an Island south from Esthar. You'll find a Luck-J Scroll there.

Time to return all the stones to Obel Lake. You might have figured out that you have to put the letters together- read it backwards to get "Mordred Plains Has Treasure".
Mordred plains are the huge plains to the south of Esthar. Talk to the stones, but watch out, the red ones lie. Always do the opposite of what they're saying. If a red one says "The treasure is not here", talk to him a second time, you'll get your Three Stars.
There's also a forest on the Centra continent you can find an item in...

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