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The Deep Sea Research Facility

The Deep Sea Research Facility is not shown on the world map. It's a hidden spot in the southwest corner of the world map. You can only land on it (fly over it and land in the center) if you already have the Ragnarok.
You should have a lot of strong spells and GF junctioned, this won't be easy.
Enter the laboratory. Only move if the blue light isn't glowing, or else you will have to fight a lot of monsters. If you want to level up a little bit though, this is a good place.
If you reached the middle of the room, a voice will ask you what you're doing here. Give the peaceful answer and prepare for the first fight. Draw the Meteor Spell from the dragon and throw it right back at him. Ice spells also work very good, but watch out, he's a strong enemy.
When you beat him, answer the voice's question with "no" to fight the next dragon. When you beat this one too and the voice asks you again, answer with the hidden answer at the bottom- and you will fight Bahamut.
If you give wrong answers by the way, you will have to fight the dragons again. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing- I answered the wrong thing three times to level up; and all 5 times Odin appeared... :D

Name Description Location HP Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Bahamut Called the King of GF; its Mega Flare ignores all defense. Gives assistance freely to those who show their power. Deep Sea Research Facility 800x + 1000 (1800- 81,000) Hyper Wrist x1 N/A Flare, Curaga, Full- Life, Dispel Hyper Wrist x1, Bahamut Card, 40 AP

Poison, Thunder and Wind attacks are quite useless against him. He likes to use Thundaga, so um... yeah. Watch out. Triple and Aura will be your friend here.

Anyway, we're not done here yet. Go outside, heal, shop, do whatever pleases you, or if you still have a lot of strength and items left (which I doubt) just re- enter.
Zell in your party will make things a lot easier for your next task: getting the GF Eden and beating Ultima Weapon.
The pillars are gone now, instead, you'll find a big hole in the ground. Save at the save point, junction Enc-none to avoid random battles and climb down.
Check the control desk which explains you the principal of the traps and RSP change (Reserve Steam Pressure). If you have Zell in your party, every action will only take one RSP.
If you don't, here's a chart.

Action Level RSP
Go to start 1 + 20
Open Door 1 - 4
Open Door 2 - 2
Open Door (to Stream Room) 3 - 4
Replenish RSP 3 + 7
Open Door 3 - 1
Open Door 4 - 1
Open Door 5 - 1
Open final Door 6 - 4

With those, you should have exactely 10 RSP left. On Level 6, Zell will offer you his help. I wouldn't take it unless you want to have a lot of difficult random battles. And I'm talking about Behemoths and Ruby Dragons here.

There's a hidden save point there somewhere. If you have the 10 RSP left, check the console to fight Ultima Weapon. If you don't, you can start all over again.

Name Description Location HP Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Ultima Weapon The strongest, ultimate monster. It's said to be impossible to defeat. Ocean Deposit 1100x + 50000 (51,100- 160,000) Three Stars x1 N/A Dispel, Regen, Ultima, Eden Ultima Stone x100, 100 AP, Eden card

Impossible to defeat? Hah, compared to Omega Weapon this is a joke. That doesn't make it easy though.
Draw Eden at the beginning of the fight- you might not have the chance to later because you'll be busy with healing.
Same strategy as with all hard bosses. Triple. Aura. Stock up on Ultima if you have the chance; if not, throw it right back at him. That's all I can tell you.
If you finally beat him, you're one GF and 100 Ultima stones richer. And hey- you've beaten a monster which is said to be impossible to beat. Isn't that rewarding enough?
...fine, it isn't.

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