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The CC- Subquest

You should do the CC- subquest to get all the rare cards in the game- which is useful, because they're not only strong Triple Triad cards, but you can also refine them into valuable items.
To get all of them, you'll have to beat all members of the CC- club. The CC- club, or CC- freaks as they like to call themselves, are a group of elitist card players in Balamb Garden. You will have to challenge the weakest member first, then slowly make your way to the top. Most people say you should start this quest around Disc 3, I finished it at the end of Disc 1 or beginning of Disc 2 (don't really remember). Just be sure that your cards are good enough.

0. The Joker
The Joker owns the Leviathan card. You can challenge this guy any time without having to beat somebody else first. He's in the training room sometimes. (The guy with the green jacket. Talk to him the normal way to call a shop.)

1. Jack
He walks around in the main hall. He's the guy who tells you about the CC- freaks first. It takes a while until he will challenge you, but once he does, you can complete the sidequest without any interruptions.

2. Club
You'll find him in front of the Mensa or near the parking lot sometimes.

3. Diamond
Beat the two girls that talk to each other in the main hall.

4. Spade
Second floor, he's sitting next to the elevator. He was the one who gave you your first set of cards (if you talked to him, that is).

5. Heart
Yes, Heart is none other than Xu. You'll find her in the control room of the garden, as always. Don't forget to take the Carbuncle card off her.

6. King
Talk to Dr. Kadowaki. She will tell you that she once was King, but retired. Then go to the dormitory and sleep until King appears- which is Quistis! Challenge her for the Gilgamesh card. If she doesn't have it right now, you can still put her in your party and challenge her in the garden control room later.

And that's it. If you completed this quest, all members will join you on the Ragnarok on Disc 4 so you can regain all cards you lose to the Card Queen in the Card queen quest.

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