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The Centra Ruins

The Centra Ruins are a tall, diamond- shaped building on (surprise, surprise) the Centra continent. Once you enter, you have 20 minutes for solving the riddles. If you re- enter the ruins though, the timer will start counting from 20 minutes again, so no need to worry. It's not a very difficult dungeon either; most switches and levers are obvious. Just run around, push a few things and fight Odin. You might want to use Diablos' Enc-None ability if you already have it; random encounters will only waste time.

Here's the detailed version on how to do it.
Alright. Enter the ruins and go straight through, when you come to the two stairs climb up the right one (you can't climb up the ones to the left anyway), then climb up the right ladder. Pull the lever, then climb down again.
Go into the door, examine the block in front of the altar to make stairs appear. Climb up to get to the statue and take his eye. Continue up the spiral stairs To get to the next statue.
Put in the eye you took from the previous statue. You'll get a code with 5 digits. Remember it, it's a randomly generated code. Take out both of his eyes.
Now go back to the first statue and put in both eyes. a door will open. In case you took a while to do this, go outside, save, and re-enter the ruins with a fresh 20 minutes to beat Odin.
Walk into the door, Odin will already be waiting for you!

Name Description Location HP Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Odin A legendary GF that sleeps in a dungeon. Zantetsuken cuts anything that stands in its way. Centra Ruins 300x + 1000 (1300- 31,000) Luck- J Scroll x1 N/A Death, Double, Stop, Triple G- Mega- Potion x8

This is an easy fight; Odin never attacks- except when you run out of time. Then he uses Zantetsuken, which will kill you in one hit.
I recommend stocking up on Triple- spells here, it's a good opportunity. THIS is what you were supposed to hurry and save up time for! It's a very useful (and just as rare) spell. When you run out of time you can kill him off with a few Limit breaks.
You will not be able to summon Odin by yourself. He sometimes appears when you're low on HP and it looks like you'll lose a fight, or when a monster has a way, WAY higher level than you.

Once you got Odin, re- enter the ruins. Squall should be low on HP to be able to use Renzokuken, because now you have to slay about 20 (!) Tonberries. Yes, it will take forever. For me, it took over an hour. And yes, all you get from killing one is 1 pathetic AP, and no Exp. And a Chef's Knife as a super bonus, if you're lucky.
After you killed enough Tonberries (don't use Card or Devour, REGULAR killing!), the Tonberry King will appear.

Name Description Location HP Mug Weakness Draw Reward
Tonberry King The king of the Tonberries. Appears to seek revenge for all defeated Tonberries. Centra Ruins 2500x (2,500- 250,000) N/A N/A Death, Cure/ Cura/ Curaga, Life/ Life/ Full- Life, Death Royal Crown x1

This fight can be very mean, for example if you lost count on the Tonberries and half of your party is dead or almost dead and you thought you could heal the next round; and the king suddenly appears (which is what happened to me -_-).
Watch out for his "Junk" attack, if you're unprotected it can heavily damage your party. Which also means that you should watch the HP of your strongest GFs, if you're using them.
When you managed to beat him, he will join you as the Tonberry- GF. His attack is weak but funny- and he has many useful abilities.
I'm also still absolutely convinced Tonberry is a GF solely created for people who read walkthroughs. Who in their right mind would waste at least an hour of time on killing Tonberries, which have loads of HP and take forever to kill- and provide useless rewards, if any at all? And then accidently discover the GF? Unless you are a Tonberry- hater, of course. Like me. Kill them! Kill them aaaalll~! *cough* Ahem. o_o

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