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The Card Queen Subquest

You'll find the Card Queen in Balamb (at the train station). You should go to her as soon as possible to get the Full- rule (see Triple Triad page for more information).
Now, you should do this quest at the end of Disc 2 or on Disc 3, because then is the best time to do it. Later on you'll have to do a lot of Lunatic Pandora- crap, and earlier you might not have enough rare cards. But at this point, you should have enough free time and a few rare cards at hand. I recommend to finish the CC- subquest before doing this.

Anyway, go to the Card- Queen (at this point of the game, she should not be in Balamb anymore, she's in the Dollet Casino).
By losing rare cards to her, a new one will appear. If you completed the CC- subquest, you shouldn't worry about losing your cards to her. You can win all of the lost cards back- just play against her son in Dollet.

Lost card New Card Location
Minimog Kiros The black, shadowy man in Deling City (somewhere near the shops)
Alexander Doomtrain Play against the barkeeper in Timber
Chicobo Chubby Chocobo You'll (sometimes) find a boy sitting on a bench in front of the Balamb Garden library.
Minotaur Irvine The Mayor's wife in Fisherman's Horizon
Doomtrain Phoenix Lose this card to the president's counsellor in Esthar

Every time you lose a card to her, she will leave the city and go somewhere else. She's either in Dollet (the casino), in the Deling City casino, in Balamb (at the train station where she was at the beginning), in Winhill in Raine's pub, in the Shumi- village hotel, the Fisherman's horizon train station, the president's mansion in Esthar or at the Lunar Gate.

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