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The Chocobo Forest Subquest

No, Chocobos do not have anything to do with chocolate. In fact, they're cute yellow birds which can be caught and used as vehicle. Hop on and ride this cute creature! A Chocobo's natural habitat is the so- called Chocobo Forest. Those are the tiny round forests you might stumble upon while wandering through the FF8- world. :) In each Chocobo forest, you'll find a Chocobo- boy (or "Chocoboy") who will provide some info on how to catch Chocobos, or even catch one for you. However, you won't get the reward if you don't solve the puzzles yourself! Enter any chocobo forest and ask Chocoboy to sell you the ChocoWhis and teach you how to use it (for a 1000 Gil charge). Solve the puzzles in each forest one by one. In the last forest, you'll gain the Chicobo card as a reward!

Chocobos are fairly easy to catch. First use the ChocoSonar and walk around until the bar goes farther than normal, then switch to the ChocoZiner and use it once. Watch the Chocobos fall down, and search for one which is standing alone. If several Chocobo kids are standing next to each other, the parent won't come. Talk to a lonely Chocobo kid, and the mother should appear. You now have a Chocobo to ride on. :) They can be useful, but serve no great purpose in FF8, a car will work as well. However, Chocobos can also run through forests and shallow waters, don't need to be fueled and have the cuteness- factor! For those too lazy to search for the locations, here's a map. Happy catching! Boko!

Name Location Item reward
Beginner Forest Near the Shumi- village on the Trabia Winter Island Aura- Stone
Easy Forest To the south of the first forest on the Trabia Snow field Flare- Stone
Intermediate Forest Behind Trabia Garden, Bika Snowfield Shell- Stone, Holy- Stone
Tricky Forest In the northeast of the Centra- continent, Nectar Peninsula Protect- Stone, Meteor- Stone
Challenging Forest Centra continent, Lenown plains (near Edea's house) Flare- Stone, Ultima- Stone, Meteor- Stone
Expert Forest Centra- continent, Talle- mountains (go southwest from cactuar Island) Holy- Stone, Ultima- Stone, Aura- Stone
Chocobo Sanctuary Great plains to the south of the Island closest to heaven; north of Grandidi Forest. You can only reach it riding a Chocobo, and after you completed all puzzles in the previous forest (meaning, it only makes sense to go there then). Chicobo- card, Gysahl Greens

Generic Chocobo forest.
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