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After you are finished with Eliwood's route, you can unlock Hector's route where you play as Hector and help Eliwood on his quest.
Most of Hector's chapters are the same as Eliwood's, only a few are different, so I'll only make a walkthrough on the chapters that are different for Hector's route.
Lyn's Tale:Elwood's Story:Hector's Story:
Prologue: A Girl from the Plains
Chapter 1: Footsteps of Fate
Chapter 2: Sword of Spirits
Chapter 3: Band of Mercenaries
Chapter 4: In Occupation's Shadow
Chapter 5: Beyound the Borders
Chapter 6: Blood of Pride
Chapter 7: Siblings Abroad
Chapter 7x: The Black Shadow
Chapter 8: Vortex of Strategy
Chapter 9: A Grim Reunion
Chapter 10: The Distant Plains
Chapter 11: Taking Leave
Chapter 12: Birds of a Feather
Chapter 13: In Search of Truth
Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus
Chapter 14: False Friends
Chapter 15: Noble Lady of Caelin
Chapter 16: Whereabouts Unknown
Chapter 16x: The Port of Badon
Chapter 17: Pirate Ship
Chapter 18: The Dread Isle
Chapter 18x: Imprisoner of Magic
Chapter 19: Dragon's Gate
Chapter 20: New Resolve
Chapter 21: Kinship's Bond
Chapter 22: Living Legend
Chapter 22x: Genesis
Chapter 23: Four_fanged Offense(Linus)/(Lloyd)
Chapter 24: Unfulfilled Heart
Chapter 25: Pale Flower of Darkness(Kenneth)/(Jerme)
Chapter 26: Battle before Dawn
Chapter 26x: Night of Farewells
Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny
Chapter 28: Valorous Roland
Chapter 29: Sands of Time
Chapter 29x: Battle Preparations
Chapter 30: Victory or Death
Final Chapter: Light(part 1)
Final Chapter: Light(part 2)
Chapter 11: Another Journey
Chapter 15: Talons Alight
Chapter 19x pt2: A Glimpse in Time
Chapter 25: Crazed Beast
Chapter 30: The Berserker
Chapter 31x: Battle Preparations
Chapter 32x: The Value of Life

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