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Side Quest

All the hidden chapters and how you can unlock them.

Chapter 7x Finish chapter 7 in 15 turns or less.
Chapter 13x Visit the village on the upper left corner.
Chapter 16x(Eliwood)/17x(Hector) At least one of the NPC soldiers must survive.
Chapter 18x(Eliwood)/19x(Hector) Finish chapter 18 in 15 turns or less.
Chapter 19xx(Hector) Before you finish Lyn's story, make sure Nils is at least level 7, and then kill the Magic Seal in chapter 19x.
Chapter 22x(Eliwood)/23x(Hector) Recruit Hawkeyes and gain 700 exp. or more for your entire party.
Chapter 26x(Eliwood)/28x(Hector) Recruit Nino and let her talk to Jaffar.
Chapter 29x(Eliwood)/31x(Hector) Automatic
Chapter 32x(Hector) Finish chapter 32 in 20 turns or less.

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