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Preparation Menu

Before you begain a chapter, you are taken to the preparation menu and you'll be able to prepare your army for the upcoming chapter. Press START to start the battle.

Pick Unit: Select which units to field this battle. The number is limited but the main character must be in your party.
Trade: Manage your units' items. If Merlinus is in your party, you can manage items through him as well.
Fortune: Valuable battle information can be viewed here as well as tactician data.
Check Map: View the map. Check the number and type of enemies. Also check for shops and change your allies' starting positions.
Save: Save any changed information.
Pick Unit:
You can choose which units to take into combat to support your main characters. (Selected units are in color, non-selected units are in gray. The number of units you can field varies from chapter to chapter.) Press the A Button to select units. You can also press SELECT to choose units from the unit list.
  • Press the R button to view the status of a single unit.
You can trade items between units, and after you get Merlinus on your team(by the end of chapter 13x/chapter 16) you can transport items to Merlinus or sell items. Once you select a unit, a command menu will appear.
Trd: Trade items with other units.
Use: Use an item.
Trnsfr: Trade items with or sell items to your merchant..
List: Display all units' and merchant's items. (Items a unit cannot carry are displayed in gray)
Sell: Sell your items.
Give: Send all items from the selected unit to your merchant.
Come here to check your army's combat scores and to receive strategic hints. (This is not available in the tutorial.)
Rank: Review your current battle performance.
Tactician: View tactician information. (The number of stars indicates your tactician's levels in each category.)
Augury: Receive valuable strategic hints on what weapons and strategies to use in the next battle. (Sometimes, this service costs money.)
Reading: Review support levels between units.
Check Map:
Part of preparing for combat means inspecting the upcoming map. You can take a look at enemy unit placement and even change the starting positions of your own units.
View Map: View the map, check the enemy units, and confirm the locations of armories and shops. (Place the cursor on an empty space and press SELECT to display the menu.)
Formation: Switch the positions of deployed units (other than the main characters).
Option: This is the same as choosing Options on the map menu.
Save: This is the same as the Save option on the Preparation screen.

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