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There are 8 types of weapons in total along with special rings to help you in combat. You can get most of them from shops. Other special ones like rings or higher level weapons are obtained by defeating enemies, visiting villages, or finishing a certain chapter.
All the weapons have different levels, starting with E, then D->C->B->A->S, with S been the highest level. The ones indicated with prf means only the specific lords or Athos can use the weapons.
  • Weapon levels for units that have not changed class yet cannot go above A.
  • Once a unit reaches level S in one weapon type, all other weapons will stop at level A.
The weapons also have an usage point, meaning you can only use it a certain amount of times. Every time your units use the wespon, the points will go down. When it reachs zero, you'll lose that weapon permanently.

Every weapon has strength and weakness. This is the weapon triangle and the trinity of magic.

  • Sword is strong against axe and weak against lance.
  • Lance is strong against sword and weak against axe.
  • Axe is strong against lance and weak against sword.

  • Anima magic is strong against light magic and weak against dark magic.
  • Light magic is strong against dark magic and weak against anima magic.
  • Dark magic is strong against anima magic and weak against light magic.


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