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Sound Room

1Opening: History UnveiledIntro right after turning on the game.
2Fire Emblem ThemeBGM of title screen.
3A Hint of Things to ComeChapter 1
4Road of TrialsChapter 15(Eliwood)
5Destiny Enlaced by FearChapter 29(Eliwood)
6Winds across the PlainsPrologue
7Precious ThingsChapter 11(Eliwood)
8CompanionsChapter 10
9Friendship and AdventureChapter 11(Hector)
10Distant TravelsChapter 16(Hector)
11Inescapable FateChapter 27(Hector)
12Dragon's Gate IIFinal Chapter
13Winning RoadPrologue
14Binding TiesChapter 4
15Scars of the ScouringChapter 7X
16Raise Your SpriritsChapter 16X
17Shadow ApproachesChapter 9
18Enemies AppearPrologue
19The MessengerChapter 14(Eliwood)
20Darkness ComesChapter 27(Eliwood)
21Dragon's Gate IChapter 19(Eliwood)
22Nabata's Wandering MessengerChapter 22(Eliwood)
23Legendary InheritanceChapter 7X
24Raid!Chapter 13X
25Messenger from the DarknessChapter 9
28Victory Now!Prologue
29Rise to the ChallengeChapter 10
30Softly with GraceChapter 23(Eliwood)
31Everything into the DarkFinal Chapter
32Campaign of FireFinal Chapter(second half)
33Blessing of the 8 Generals IFinal Chapter
34HealingUse a status staff.
35CuringUse a healing staff.
36Receive the Blessings of WaterUse the command "dance" in battle.
37Ride the WindUse the command "play" in battle.
38To the HeightsUse a Knight Crest.
39An Unexpected CallerPrologue
40When the Rush ComesChapter 11(Eliwood)
41Land of Swirling SandsChapter 22(Eliwood)
42Ships and HomesChapter 1
43Silent GroundChapter 21(Eliwood)
44The InnChapter 16X(Eliwood)
45Going My WayChapter 5
46Together, We Ride!Chapter 3
47A Knight's OathChapter 9
48Happiness AboundsChapter 22(Eliwood)
49MerlinusChapter 13(Eliwood)
50Final FarewellChapter 19(Eliwood)
51RequiemChapter 18(Eliwood)
52Recollection of a PetalPrologue
53The Cogs of FateChapter 15(Eliwood)
54The Eight GeneralsChapter 27(Eliwood)
55The Archsage AthosChapter 22(Eliwood)
56Distant UtopiaChapter 29(Eliwood)
57What Comes from DarknessChapter 7
58Black FangChapter 7X
59Calamity Bringer: Nergal's ThemeChapter 18(Eliwood)
60Nergal's WrathFinal Chapter
61StratagemChapter 3
62The Kingdom of BernChapter 23(Eliwood)
63Bern - A Mother's WishChapter 23(Eliwood)
64Shocking Truth IChapter 19(Eliwood)
65Shocking Truth IIFinal Chapter
67Into the Shadow of TriumphChapter 6
68Main Theme ArrangementEpilogue
69Blessing of the 8 Generals IIFinal Chapter
70Girl of the Plains: Lyn's ThemePrologue
71Lyn's DesireChapter 10
72Light to TomorrowChapter 10
73One Heart: Eliwood's ThemeChapter 7
74Eyes of SorrowChapter 14(Eliwood)
75Unshakable FaithFinal Chapter
76Loyalty: Hector's ThemeChapter 12(Eliwood)
77The Grieving HeartChapter 29
78ReminiscenceChapter 7
79Shattered Life"A" support between Eliwood and Ninian.
80AnguishChapter 28(Eliwood)
81Respite in Battle"A" support between Lyn and Hector.
82Prepare to ChargeChapter 7
83ArmoryChapter 3
84ShopChapter 7
85Fortune-TellingUse the Augury service.
86Arena EntranceEnter the Arena at least once.
87Arena BattleUse the Arena at least once.
88Arena VictoryWin the Arena at least once.
89Arena TacticsPlay the Link Arena at least once.
90Within SadnessLet a unit die.
91Game OverLose a chapter.
92Legend of AthosFinal chapter
93ResultsUse the Battle History function at least once.
94Treasured HopeBGM of credits.
95Beneath a New LightFinishing Eliwood's story.
96The Path to GreatnessFinishing Hector's story.
97In the Name of BernAbtain songs 1-96
98Avoided FateEpilogue

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