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Chapter 23: Four_fanged Offense(Linus)

Objective Boss Units allowed Units gained
Defeat the enemy hero, Linus Linus 12 Geitz(speak with Dart)
Items droped by emeny Items that you can steal from enemy Chest/Village
None Red Gem Earth Seal, Silence, Orion's Bolt
Initial Enemy Reinforcements
9 Mercenary, 5 Corsair, 2 Wyvern Rider, 2 Archer, 2 Nomad, 2 Mage, 2 Cavalier, 1 Sage 12 Wyvern Rider, 4 Mercenary, 3 Corsair, 1 Warrior(Geitz)

Armorslayer1260 GVulnerary300 GFire560 GIron Sword460 GSteel Sword600 G
Longsword1260 GAntitoxin450 GThunder700 GIron Lance360 GLancereaver1800 G
Heavy Spear1200 GHeal600 GLightning630 GJavelin400 GSteel Lance480 G
Horseslayer1040 GMend1000 GFlux900 GIron Axe270 GAxereaver1950 G
Hammer800 GRestore2000 G  Hand Axe300 GSteel Axe360 G
Halberd810 G    Iron Bow540 GSwordreaver2100 G
Ocean Seal50000 G      Steel Bow720 G

There are 2 different maps for chapter 23, one with Linus and the other with Lloyd as the boss. You'll get this map if the total level of your Lords is 50 and above, Lloyd's map if below 50.
For this map, take your time, the enemies are strong, and they have access to ballistas. Move your troops up north and around the lake to get to Linus.
To recruit Geitz, have Dart speak with him. If your Dart is weak, first move a one-attack-ranged unit into his sight and have Dart next to him out of Geitz's attack range so that Geitz will attack that unit but won't recieve a counter attack, then have Dart speak with him.
This is also the last chapter that you can take full advantage of the arena.

Boss Strategy:
First thing to know, Linus DOESN'T move, so attack him from a distance using a 2-ranged weapon, and he won't counter attack because the silver blade is epuiped. On his turn, he'll most likely use the hand axe, which has less attack points than the silver blade, so your unit will have a better chance of surviving, and counter attack to finish him off.

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