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Chapter 22: Living Legend

Objective Boss Units allowed Units gained
Defeat all enemy units & protect Pent Jasmine, Paul 12 Hawkeye
Items droped by emeny Items that you can steal from enemy Desert
Luna Guiding Ring Hero Crest, Light Brand, Eclipse, Filla's Might, Body Ring, Ocean Seal
Initial Enemy Reinforcements
7 Mage, 4 Archer, 2 Knight, 1 Nomad, 1 Shaman, 1 Monk, 1 Cavalier, 1 Brigand 4 Wyvern Rider, 2 Mage, 2 Shaman


First: you need to recruit Hawkeye and gain 700 or more exp points to unlock chapter 22x, that means when you add up all the exp points that your units gained, it should be 700 or more, not counting Pent.
So, with that said, horse troops are very slow in deserts, so better not bring them. Move Eilwood south to recruit Hawkeye, and pick a high movement unit to rescue Pent(preferably a flying unit) so that he can't waste any more exp points. Despose most of the enemies, but leave an archer or a magic user on the map so you can then go and find all the treasures in the sand. If you like to make an enemy archer unharmed, put four units around him so he can't move or attach. For a magic user, move a high-resistance one-attack-range unit into his sight, and let him hit you with out counter attacking him. Bring a thief to get the burried treasure.

Boss Strategy:
Jasmine: He's not hard, first, let a thief steal the Guiding Ring from him, if you haven't level up any of your thief yet, then let a unit who can't do a range 2 counter attack move into Jasmine's attack range, and have Legault be next to that unit OUT OF JASMINE'S ATTACK RANGE. He'll most likely attack the decoy unit with hand axe, so you can steal from him and then finish him off.
Paul: Watch out for the killer axe, use magic users to attack from a distance.

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