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Go back to the Esper Mansion and talk to Lutz.
Try not to use any items. Use Techs if you need
healing. Lutz will tell the whole story about Mother
Brain. He then tells Rolf to take the Nei Sword,
and travel to the Spaceship Noah to find Mother
Brain. He says that if you get weak, use the Nei
Sword to travel back to the Esper Mansion and
he will heal them.
Now the time as come to see what you are really
made of. Noah is not too big, but has the toughest
monsters in the game. Use the Nei Sword to escape.
Talk to Lutz and say No to his question and he will
heal you. I recommend that you have Rolf at level
35 for this. At 35, he learns the most powerful
Technique, Megid. It does lots of damage, at the
expense at 1/2 the HP of all of your allies.
I recommend taking the group you have chosen
this far to continue, but I still end up taking Kain.
Make sure Amy is with you. Give everybody an
item that can cast GiRes (Crescent Gear, Truth
Sleeves, Amber Robe, Aegis). Also, make sure
to have the Visiphone with Rolf. Dump the Magic
Caps in the room in Paseo, or just toss them. And
make sure, to have the recommended equipment
for all of you allies going into the Final Battle.
Titanium/Nei Helmet, Nei Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Nei Crown, Fire Staff (2), Nei Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Nei Shot, Nei Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Nei Slasher, Nei Emel,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace, Laconian/Nei
Shield, Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal Cape,
Shune Boots
Nei Helmet, Laconian Mace, Laconian/Nei Shield,
Laconian Armor, Guardian Boots
From the start, go right. Follow and take the stairs.
Go left and take the stairs down.
Go left and follow to there is a branch off going
up and down. Go up and left to the dead end and
take the stairs. Go up and take the stairs going
back down. Go left and take those stairs back
Go up and right past the stairs. Go until you see
stairs just above a pit. Take the stairs down. Walk
up and take the next stairs up. Go around up, left,
and down to another stairway going down. Go
up and take the stairs up. Go up again for stairs
going down.
From the stairs, go down, left, and up to the stairs
Rolf is facing in the pic. Take the stairs. Go left and
down. Take the stairs.
Go left and up. This is the only treasure in the level,
but before opening it, heal with Trimates, and save
it through the Visiphone. Open and prepare for
the Great Beyond.
This is the toughest fight in the game. This is Dark
Force (the demon from the dream). To start off, have
Amy use the Snow Crown, while everybody else
attack. Beware of Dark Force's possesion attack,
which will possess on of your allies, making him/her
unable for you to command. If the Nei Sword
flashes, then the spell is over. On round 2, have
Rolf use Megid, followed by Amy's NaSar, or a
Star Mist. Have everybody else attack, and continue
using Megid-NaSar/Star Mist until he dies. If Rolf
runs out of TP for Megid before Dark Force dies,
have his attack or use a smaller spell.
Head back to the Esper Mansion and have Lutz
heal you. It didn't take but 2-3 Megids and a few
attacks for me to kill Dark Force. Now, it is time to
find Mother Brain. Go back to where you met Dark
Force. Go up and take a right. Take the stairs and
go down and left. Save it through the Visiphone right
now, as Mother Brain is near. Go up the middle
room and meetMother Brain. Answer the
questions, Yes, then No. Mother Brain will then
This is it, the Final Battle. For some reason though,
Sega didn't make her as tough as Dark Force. In
fact, this is much easier. Mother Brain uses a Nova
attack, which attacks all, and she attacks one at
a time. To start out, have Amy use the Snow Crown,
and have the rest attack. After the first round, have
Rolf use Megid, and Amy follow with NaSar, or
someone else follow with a Star Mist. Have Kain
use NaGaj (yes, since Mother Brain is a computer,
NaGaj will work), and everybody else attack.
Mother Brain does not stand a chance.
As Rolf and the others start to head back, Lutz
says that there are still somebody on the ship. This
must be the cause of the problem. Since you cannot
come back to Noah, Rolf must confront it now. Go
in and you will find the reason for the problem.
People from Earth. Realize what they say: "We
who destroyed Palm." They must have caused
Gaira to go out of control.They will tell their story,
which enrages Rolf. Lutz teleports the rest of the
party to Noah (whoever you didn't have). Then
will begin the fight for Algo, as Rolf and party is
attacked by several hundred Earthmen.
Thus ends Phantasy Star II, one of the best RPGs ever made. Keep this question in mind, as stated above,
"I wonder what the people will see in the final days?" The answer to that question lies in Phantasy Star IV.
Play that and you will find your answers. Also, if you wonder what happens to Rolf and the rest, just listen
to the final music, and I think it explains itself.