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Bio-Systems Lab to Zema

Once in the Bio Systems Lab, use the last stick of
Dynamite to blow the door open.
From the entrance, go left. Continue around until
you come to a dead end. Go up and take that
Grab the Antidote and take this pit down to the
first floor.
After taking the pit, contiune right and around until
you reach this chute. After taking that chute, go right
and up to another chute.
You should now be on the 3rd floor. Go left, down,
right, down, and left again, hitting walls each time. At
the bottom portion of the floor, there will be a
treasure chest with another stick of Dynamite in it.
Go back to the chute and go up and left instead.
After a long walk, you should come to another door.
Use the Dynamite to blow that door up, and then
take the pit all the way to the basement level.
You should now be here. Go up and left. The orange
squares give damage when stepped on, so keep
a Dimate or Res handy. There is a Trimate on
the way.
Go around a ways and you should reach here. Grab
the Recorder and use Hinas to get out of here. Go
to Paseo and to the Central Tower.
Upon arrival, the commander takes it to the Library
to be analyzed. The cause for the outbreak of
biohazards is that the amount of energy that is
used for the Climate Control is being used to
breed harmful monsters. The Librarian asks Rolf
to find the cause of the energy leak in Climate
Control. He also gives Rolf a Key Tube for the
bridge south of the Bio-Systems Lab.
Go back home and there will be another knock
at the door. This time from a man named Hugh
Thompsonk, a Biologist. He has a lot of knowledge
about Biomonsters, and can handle fighting them
well. I never found Hugh to be that useful. If you
level him up high enough, he can learn Vol and
SaVol, 2 powerful spells that can kill biomonsters.
But, Rolf and Rudo can handle them well enough.
I don't use him, but if you want, you can. This
walkthrough will show what I recommend for his
equipment though.
Go to the bridge south of the Bio-Systems Lab.
Use the Key Tube here. Go out and around to
another bridge.
Cross the bridge to reach Zema. Instead of me just
telling you what you should buy, just look at the
equipment part to see what everyone's equipment
should be. And remember, if you do not have
enough money, fight around Zema. Slugmesses
give the best of them, but they are tough and can
multiply, so be quick at killing them.
Titanium Helmet, Laser Knife (2), Fiber Coat,
Silver Ribbon, Ceramic Bar (2), Fiber Vest,
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Fiber Coat, Boots Titanium Gear, Scalpel (2), Fiber Cape, Boots
Titanium Gear, Scalpel (2), Fiber Coat, Boots