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Teleport to Zosa. Go on the other side of the
mountain and go west a bit. When you reach the
maze of mountains, go up from it. There should be
another path to go west. Take it and follow north
to reach the TOUGHEST dungeon in the game,
Ikuto. Ikuto has given me nightmares every time I
have played this game. So, to put things easily, I
am going to show you the easy way to get to the
Nei Shot, and Nei Slasher. The reason for the
nightmare is because Ikuto is 7 floors large,
decending, each floor getting larger, and the only way
to go down, is to fall down a pit.
When I say 'this pit' look at the picture and see which
hole Rolf is looking at. Also, one wrong hole and
you could wind up at the bottom. Let's start by
looking for the Nei Shot. Take the middle pit.
Go down and take the pit on the left. Then, take
the pit DIRECTLY to the left of where you land.
From where you landed, go right, up, and left at the
top wall. Go past the pit to the dead end with
another pit. Take this pit.
Go up a bit from where you land and take this pit
in the upper left hand corner.
Walk left a bit from where you land to find the
Nei Shot. Give it to Rudo, as it is the strongest
Gun in the game. Take any pit or use Hinas to
If you take the pit, go left to the wall and then go
down to the stairs. The monsters are tougher in the
basement, so watch out. Take the stairs and continue
up to the top floor.
Now time for the Nei Slasher. From the top floor,
take the left pit.
Walk down a bit and take this pit.
Walk left a bit and take the left pit.
Go left, past a few pits to a wall. Go up from the
edge and take the pit at the top.
From where you land, go up, right, and down
the pathway and take the pit in the middle.
Go down to the lower part of the room and grab
the Nei Slasher. If you have Anna, give it to her. If
not, hang on to it, as you need all 8 Nei items in
your grasp before going to see Lutz again. Use Hinas
and return to Zosa. Rest, save, and stock up again.
The next and final road is a difficult one.
Titanium/Nei Helmet, Laconian Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Nei Crown, Fire Staff (2), Nei Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Nei Shot, Nei Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Laconian Slasher, Nei Slasher,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Nei
Cape, Shune Boots
Nei Helmet, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian/Nei Armor, Guardian Boots