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Red Dam

Bear with me. For the purpose of this walkthrough,
and for your convienence, I am going to walkthrough
one dam at a time. From Zema, hop on the Jet
Scooter and up to the Red Dam.
At the entrance, use the Red Card to open the door.
Looks like you are not going to need Dynamite
anymore to open a door. The Red Dam is pretty
easy, and there are only 3 floors. Take the chute
at the Northwest corner.
Follow the pathway to this chute back to the ground
floor. Take it. From there, take the southeast Chute
to get a Fire Slasher for Anna. Take the same chute
Go left from there. Take this chute back down to the
Go up, then east to this chute. Take the chute and
go left to another chute.
Go around the pit. After the 2nd group of pits, there
will be a chest containing a Fire Staff. If you haven't
gotten 2 Fire Staves for Amy yet, start with this one
and steal the other one later. Keep going until you
find this chute leading down.
From that chute, take the southeast chute. Go up
a bit to get the Sword of Ango. This is a powerful
sword, but the downside is that it has no defensive
power. Hold off on equiping it just yet. Go down
and around to the upper right hand corner of this
floor. There should be another chute (it is above
where you got the Sword of Ango). Take it and
follow to the last chute.
Go left a little bit to reach here. Go to the slot and
use the Red Card. The Dam will open and the Red
Card will disappear. Exit and rest at Kueri (you will
see why).
Titanium Helmet, Laser Sword, Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Fire Staff (2), Ceramic Cape,
Titanium Gear, Laser Cannon, Ceramic Armor,
Silver Crown, Laser Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Ceramic Cape, Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Cape,
Titanium Helmet, Laser Shot, Ceramic Armor,