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Nido to Bio-Systems Lab

Monsters here are as tough as they were at the top
floor of Shure. The first thing you want to do is to
blow up the door using the Dynamite. From there,
head right until you see the wall. Go up and take the
first passage going left.
Take that chute up for a chest containing 100
Meseta. Go back down the chute.
Now, go left to the wall, and up to the wall. Take
that chute to the right side (as shown in the pic).
Go down a bit, and then all the way left to a wall.
Go down from the wall, left and then up. You should
now see 2 chutes. The one on the right leads to
60 Meseta. Take the one on the left to continue.
Go right from there until you see the 2nd pathway
going down. Go down it and take the chute. Follow
the path down and right (it is the only way to go)
to another chute going up.
The monsters are tougher here, and you are so
close to Teim. From the chute, go down to the wall
and right to the wall. Go up and left a bit and there
will be a room like area with Teim in it. Rolf will
give her the letter and Teim will ask to see her
father. To avoid her being a target, Rolf puts a
cover over her and takes her. You can either walk
back (if you are healthy enough and have enough
Dimate left), or use Hinas and get out. Head to
Arima. Buy Rudo another Ceramic Knife (if you
haven't already). Now, you might want to buy Rolf
a couple of Ceramic Knives if you can afford it).
Take Teim to the North Bridge. She will go to see
her father. She is still covered, so her father does
not reconize her. He asks for all of her money, but
Teim refuses, so Darum kills her. Darum then realizes
that it is her and kills himself, freeing the bridge at
the same time.
Follow the path until you reach Oputa. Buy Nei
a Fiber Vest, and 2 Ceramic Bars. Now buy Rolf
and Rudo a Fiber Gear. If you do not have enough
money to buy the stuff I recommend, fight around
Oputa, or even at the top of Nido Tower. Note that
a music teacher name Ustvestia lives a little place
just outside of town. Just keep this place in mind
for the future.
Head back home and another knock will come at
the door. This one is from Dr. Amy Sage. She is
not much of a fighter, but she is the best healer in
the game. Add her to your group. Buy her another
Scalpel, a Fiber Cape, and a Fiber Gear. Fight
around Oputa until Amy reaches about level 6 or 7.
Or until you feel she is high enough not to get killed.
Just a bit further along from Oputa (to the south), is
the Bio-Systems Lab. Remember to stock up on
Dimate. Even though you have Amy with you, her
full powers are not even reached yet.
Fiber Gear, Ceramic Knife (2), Fiber Coat, Shoes Silver Ribbon, Ceramic Bar (2), Fiber Vest,
Fiber Gear, Ceramic Knife (2), Fiber Coat, Boots Fiber Gear, Scalpel (2), Fiber Cape, Shoes