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Control Tower

Go back to the house and pick up Kain. He is going
to come in handy at this part. You should have
Rudo, Kain, and Amy. Go to this house in Oputa.
Talk to Ustvestia into letting Rolf learn the Musik
technique (just say no at the beginning). Ustvestia
also plays music for a sound test of the game of
Phantasy Star II. It is cheaper for men to learn
Musik then it is for women, so have Rolf learn
Warp to Piata. Go around at the north side of town,
and down the left side of the river. When you reach
the other side of the hospital, go left. There will be
3 control towers. Go in the middle one.
Finally, a change in music. The monsters here are
now robots, due to the fact that the Biohazards are
destroyed (making Hugh useless here). Kain is your
man for this mission. Make your way to the north
part of the Control Tower, and to the left. Take this
chute going up here.
Go down, passing about 2 chutes. Vear off to the
left and take this chute. From here on, you just
have to keep taking the chute to the right, and at
the end, the chute just above it.
You should go here. Whatever you do, DO NOT
TOUCH THE PIANO. Remember the Musik
technique Ustvestia taught Rolf? Use it. Rolf will
then play some music and then some doors will
open. Go around to the upper part.
From right to left, take the cards. It will start with
Red, then Yellow, Blue, and Green. You can now
start in with opening the dams.
Titanium Helmet, Laser Sword, Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Fire Staff/Laser Knife (2), Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Cannon, Ceramic Armor,
Silver Crown, Laser Slasher (2), Ceramic Cape,
Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Cape,
Titanium Helmet, Laser Shot, Ceramic Armor,