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Green Dam and Gaira

Take the Jet Scooter to the Green Dam. This is
the toughest Dam yet, even if it only consists of
2 floors.
Use the Green Card to open the Green Dam. Take
the chute going up just below the door.
Go up a few steps and to the left to this chute. Take
it and walk left a bit and take that chute.
Grab the Truth Sleeves for Shir (they cast Res
on command), and walk a bit up and left. There
should now be 2 chutes. Take the upper chute and
walk left to another chute.
Walk left a bit and take this passage to the right
side. If you step in the black, it takes you outside
the dam. Go right and after the end of it, go right
a bit and take the chute. Follow the path to get the
Aegis. Since Kain should be using the Storm Gear,
give him the Aegis for extra protection (the Aegis
can also cast GiRes). Go back up the chute.
From that chute, go left to the wall, and then down.
These 2 chutes should be there. Take the right one
and follow for a Star Mist. Take the left one and
take the chute to the left of it.
Walk left a bit to the Dam Console. Heal everybody
completely before inserting the Green Card. Also,
save the game using the Visiphone Insert the Green
Card the the Green Dam will open. Motavia is
...but who is going to save you? This is the toughest
fight yet. Each Army Eye has 3000 HP. Note that
they cannot be killed, so just try to stay alive and
during round 3, they will trap you in Plasma Rings.
Also, if you do happen to kill each of them before
round 3, the game cannot continue.
After the fight, you will be taken to Gaira, an
artificial satallite in outer space. You have no items,
and cannot use techniques. Rolf and party will stay
on Gaira until their death sentance is carried out for
damaging Mother Brain. You then have control of
them, but you will still get into fights. You have no
choice but to run from these fights.
Walk up a bit and then go right. follow until you
reach the cross roads. Rolf will hear an explosion
and feel a tremendous force moving Gaira (so this
is how they are going to kill them). Rolf had better
go and fix the control panel for Gaira's orbit.
Continue going right and down. You should soon
come to the control panel.
It seems that Gaira is headed right for Parma. Before
you know it, Gaira crashes into Parma and destroys
it. It looks like the end.
But Rolf must be alive, for he had the same dream
again. The girl cries for help, and Rolf wonders
what it is (he has never gotten this far in the dream
Rolf then awakens to find himself with a Space
Pirate named Tyler. He said that Rolf's friends are
being revived right now (did they happen to die?)
He said the Rolf and party is charged with destroying
Mother Brain, but Tyler believes that that cannot
be done. He says that there is somebody on
Dezoris who can do things that Mother Brain cannot.
He then takes everybody back to Paseo.
Rolf then goes straight to the Commander. He then
says to use the spaceship on the roof to go to
Dezoris. Now, you have to choose your party
wisely now. Robots are few and far between in
Dezoris. Some people take Rolf, Rudo, Anna, and
Amy into Dezoris. I am not one of them. I still
end up taking Rolf, Rudo, Kain, and Amy. Why
Kain? Because when you do face Robots, they
are pretty tough. Plus, Kain can use a Laconian
Mace once on Dezoris. But whatever you do, be
careful when taking Shir to Dezoris, for she can
still steal when there.
Titanium Helmet, Sword of Ango, Crystal Chest,
Snow Crown, Fire Staff (2), Crystal Cape,
Crescent Gear, Laser Cannon, Crystal/Ceramic
Armor, Boots
Color Scarf, Laser Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Crystal/Ceramic Cape, Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Storm Gear, Aegis, Crystal Armor,