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Climate Control

This is the hardest level yet. There are 8 floors and
this underwater basement. From these stairs, go
west until you see a southern passage. Take it. If
you have to cross damage squares, do it, but try
to avoid as many as you can. Take the left path going
down. Go left a ways and then up. Left again for a
ways and then down and left again.
You should end up around here. My directions
might be hard to follow, but basically, go left and
you should end up here some time. Take the stairs.
Now, you have to make your way to the lower
left hand corner. This part is not tough, but the bio
monsters are at their toughest here.
After a few small rooms, you should end up here.
Make sure you save Rolf's and Amy's TP. You
will need it later on. There are tons of treasures here,
but my job is just to show you which way you are
suppost to go. Feel free to look around.
Go to the northwest area of floor 5. Take this chute
going up to floor 6.
Take the chute just a couple of steps to the right
of the chute going down. Take this chute to floor 7.
Go south until you see a narrow hallway going right.
Go until it branches to the south. Go south and take
the chute going back to floor 6.
Head east and down the right side of the pit to this
chute going up.
Go left from that chute to here. This leads to the
top floor. Remove Nei of all her Trimate and other
items, just leaving her equipment. Give the items,
to the rest of the party.
On this part of the floor is the person that has
caused all the trouble. Before talking to her, use the
Visiphone and save your work. Now talk to her.
Read her words carefully, because she will say that
Nei is a part of her. Unless Nei is alive, you cannot
continue. If Nei is alive, this person (named
Nei First) will fight Nei alone.
Just have Nei attack, no matter how powerful Nei,
is, she alone cannot defeat Nei First (unless you use
a Game Genie code, because I could not defeat
her at level 50, then again, I never tried).
Nei will die, if she wins or loses the fight. She pleads
to Rolf to never let them repeat the mistake they
made when they made her and Nei First. Rolf,
in sort of a rage, attacks Nei First.
I will tell you this. If you have a Moon Dew, you can
use it on Nei to revive her for this fight. This is where
you want to use your heavy attacks. Rolf should
use NaFoi while the others attack, or have Amy heal
with Sar or GiRes if needed. Nei First is TOUGH,
so keep up the HP with Trimate or Dimate. After
a long fight, Nei First will die. If you did revive
Nei, she will still die, as the 2 are intertwined. Rolf
will cry out Nei's name, but to no prevail. Not only
that, with no one controling the energy, it is all
pouring into the system. Rolf and the rest decide
to head back to Paseo.
Rolf goes to the Cloning Station, but the Cloning
Clown cannot clone her. Rolf then heads to the
Central Tower, where he recieves news that the
lake is overflowing. The commander says that
someone needs to go to the dams to open them
up to prevent a flood. Rolf volunteers to go. The
commander says that his group's names were
mentioned by the leaders of Parma who made
Mother Brain go crazy, so a robotic security system
will be after them. None the less, Rolf still volunteers
to go.
Titanium Helmet, Laser Sword, Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Fire Staff/Laser Knife (2), Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Cannon, Ceramic Armor,
Silver Crown, Laser Slasher (2), Ceramic Cape,
Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Cape,
Titanium Helmet, Laser Shot, Ceramic Armor,