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Just like the 4 dams, I am going to guide you through
the 4 dungeons, one at a time. So, lets get one
of the harder ones out of the way. Menobe is
directly west of Aukba. Stock up on Trimate,
because this is going to hurt. Remember your
mission, to collect the 8 items of Nei. Menobe
contains the Nei Helmet and Nei Crown.
Walk directly up, past the statues, and take the
stairs to the right.
Go south on the right side. Ignore the stairs. Go up
and take the stairs down to get a Color Scarf. Go
back to where Rolf is standing in the pic, and
continue going up and right to the northeast corner.
Go left and into the room down from it.
Ignore both sets of stairs. Just below the stairs
going up, are 2 statues that block the other side
of the room. Not very well though. There is a
hidden path below the statues that you can pass
through (look at the picture). Ignore the stairs
going up and go up to the stairs going down.
Take them and go down a bit and grab the Nei
Crown. Give it to Amy (but have her keep the
Snow Crown). Exit Menobe and head back to
Aukba for rest and to reload Trimate. Now, time
to search for the Nei Helmet.
Once you rest up, go back up to the same place
you entered the first time, but take the stairs in the
center instead of the stairs on the left.
Go up to the crossing. Go left and follow until you
come to the 2nd entry to the room on the right.
Ignore the first stairs and go up to the stairs you
should go to.
Go right and around to the east side of Menobe.
At the end is a stairway leading up. Take it.
Go right a bit and down. Follow the path all the
way to the west side. Go left at the opening and
down. Take these stairs and grab the Nei Helmet.
Give it to Kain, as his defense is lower than Rolf's
(if you don't have Kain, then give it to Rolf). Exit
and head to Aukba to rest, save, and stock up.
Titanium/Nei Helmet, Laconian Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Nei Crown, Fire Staff (2), Crystal Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Pulse Vulcan, Laconian Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Laconian Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Ceramic
Cape, Shune Boots
Nei Helmet, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Armor, Guardian Boots