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Paseo to Shure

As soon as you input your name, you'll hear a
brief dream. A young girl is battling a demon, and
Rolf (the main character), is there, but cannot do
anything but watch as the demon strikes the girl
down. In case you didn't know, the girl is Alis from
Phantasy Star. Rolf then wakes up realizing it is just
a dream.
Rolf heads out to the capital building of Paseo,
Motavia (the game will refer to Motavia as Mota,
but since I am so used to PSI and PSIV, I will
refer to it as Motavia), to see the commander. The
Commander gives Rolf his first mission. To go to
the Bio-Systems Lab and bring back the Recorder,
which records data of the Bio-Systems Lab.
Rolf then returns home. He gets packed and ready
to go, but Nei (a half human, half biomonster) stands
in his way to go anywhere without her. No matter
how hard Rolf tries to get out, Nei still stands in
his way. Rolf has no choice but to take her along
with him.
Rolf only starts out with 200 Meseta. Buy Nei 2
Steel Bars and equip them. Talk around Paseo.
You will learn that the Bio-Systems Lab is to the
west, and that a man named Darum has been
blocking the North Bridge killing anyone who gets
Go outside and fight for a while. Your fights will
look like this. You know the basics of RPGs,
meaning, you have to kill all of the monsters in order
to get money and experience. Fight around and
gain enough money for another Knife and a Fiber
Coat for Rolf. I would, however, fight until Rolf
reaches level 3 or 4.
After you get what you need, cross the bridge and
walk to here, just a bit east of Paseo to a town
called Arima. Talk around town and you will learn
that a group of scoundrels have blown up a lot of
houses and killed off all of the men. You will also
learn about Darum and Tiem. Tiem was kidnapped
by the scoundrels and Darum was forced to become
a thief and murderer to pay the ransom for Tiem.
The scoundrels' hideout is in a tower called Shure,
just a bit northeast of Arima.
Return to Rolf's home in Paseo. There will be a
knock on the door. A man named Rudolf Stiener
will come in and offer his assistance. Reorganize your
group so that Rudo is now in your party. Rudo starts
at level 1. Head back to Arima and past the bridge
a bit to fight some slightly tougher monsters for more
experience. Fight around until Rolf reaches level 7,
then head back to Arima and buy a Sword for him
(leveling up usually takes a while). Also, buy Rudo
2 Daggers. At this point in the game, he is stronger
with close range weapons. Stock up on Dimates
while you are in a buying frenzy.
Once you are ready, head to Shure. It is just a
bit Northeast of Arima. Here is a warning for all
of you out there. ALL dungeons in Phantasy Star
II are rather large and difficult to navigate. In
Motavia, yellow arrowed chutes go up, and red
arrowed chutes go down.
Sword, Fiber Coat, Shoes Ribbon, Steel Bar (2), Carbon Vest, Sandals
Headgear, Dagger (2), Fiber Coat, Boots