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Shure to Nido

On the first floor, go left and around to the center.
Take the chute up to the 2nd floor.
From there, go down and to the southwest corner.
Grab the Dimate in the chest and up the chute.
Go up a bit and grab the Head Gear. If Rolf does
not already have one, equip it. Take the chute down
to the right of this treasure. To get there, go down,
left and around to reach it.
Ignore the chute going down from where you
are now. Walk right a ways until you reach this
area. Take this chute up.
Walk around to this pit area. Go down to recieve
a chest worth 200 Meseta. Go back to the pit.
Make your way around to that chute just below
where Rolf and party are standing.
You should now be at the top floor. There is a
Silver Ribbon for Nei here, so grab it. Make your
way left and down to this part. You will notice that
biohazards may have gotten to the scoundrels.
Check this guy and you will recieve a Letter and a
Small Key. Read the letter. It is to Darum, stating
that if he doesn't pay 50,000 Meseta is one month,
he will not see his daughter again, who is locked up
in the Nido Tower.
Now you have a choice. Escape and regroup at
either Paseo or Arima, or, head back to floor 2 and
open the locked treasures. Make sure to get the
treasures containing Dynamite. They are located on
the Southeast and Southwest rooms of floor 1. You
have to take a chute from floor 2 to get to them.
Both Northern rooms contain some other treasure.
Get them if you have enough life left in you. Use
Rolf's Hinas and head to Arima to the Hospital.
Past the bridge south of Shure is Nido Tower.
Fight around here for some more experience and
money. Make enough money to at least get Rudo
1 Ceramic Knife. If you want to fight around enough
to buy 2, go right for it, because if you though Shure
was tough, you haven't seen nothing yet. Stock up
on Dimates again, rest up, and head into Nido.
Head Gear, Sword, Fiber Coat, Shoes Silver Ribbon, Steel Bar (2x), Carbon Vest,
Head Gear, Ceramic Knife, Dagger, Fiber Coat,