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Yellow Dam

From Kueri, head north until you see a wide pass.
Take it to enter the Yellow Dam.
Use the Yellow Card to open up the door. This
dam is bigger, but I don't think it is as confusing
as the Red Dam
Go past the first pair of chutes after opening the
door. Continue right. Take the top chute of the
pair of chutes.
Go left and follow until it branches left and right.
Go left and ignore the first chute. Take the 2nd
chute for a Crystal Armor (named Crystanish, but
since I think that the name is silly, I am calling it
the Crystal Armor). Go back to the first floor and
this time take the bottom chute (instead of the top
on). Oh yeah, and give the Crystal Armor to Kain,
(give it to Rudo if you were silly enough to come
to these dams without him).
Go down and grab the Escapipe. From there, walk
left and take the first path going up you see to this
chute. Take it down and you should be in the
room at the center of floor 1. Go left and take the
chute back up.
Go left and up to this chute. Take it and go down
to yet another chute.
You should now be in a spiral area. Go around and
out the bottom. Take this chute to get a Crystal
Cape, and the chute to the right of it (not shown in
the picture) to get a Crystal Chest. Give the Crystal
Cape Amy (Anna or Shir if you don't have Amy),
and the Crystal Chest to Rolf. Once you have the
Crystal Chest, equip Rolf with the Sword of Ango.
Also, if you go up from the chute where you got the
Crystal Cape, you can find an Amber Robe to the
right (not so powerful armor for Hugh, but can
cast GiRes).
From the Crystal Chest Chute, go right, up (ignoring
the entrance to that spiral), left once at the top, and
down the entrance to that spiral. Go around the
spiral and down this chute.
Place the Yellow Card in the slot and the dam will
open. 2 down, 2 to go. Go back to town, sell what
is not needed, and buy some Trimate.
Titanium Helmet, Sword of Ango, Crystal Chest,
Silver Crown, Fire Staff (2), Crystal Cape,
Titanium Gear, Laser Cannon, Crystal/Ceramic
Armor, Boots
Silver Crown, Laser Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Crystal/Ceramic Cape, Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Titanium Helmet, Laser Shot, Crystal Armor,