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Piata to Climate Control

Go back to Rolf's home and there will be, yet again,
another knock at the door. I promise, this is the last
one. This time, a girl named Shir Gold, a thief. I
don't find her too handy in a fight, but she is quite
handy at stealing items. Replace both members of
your group and put in Kain and Shir. Buy Shir a
Titanium Cape, and a Titanium Gear. Level her and
Kain up to about Level 10.
When at Level 10, go to the Central Tower's room.
Go in and out. Keep doing this until Shir disappears.
When she does, head back home to find her there.
Check her inventory and she will now have a
Visiphone, the most useful item in the game. This
item can save your game from anywhere. Give it
to Rolf. Now, go to the Weapon Shop with Shir
and steal for a while. If she steals Laser Knives, give
them to her and sell the rest. If she steals the rare,
Fire Staff, give them to Amy. Make sure to steal 2
Fire Staves before going on. If you can at least get
one, then you can continue.
In the house at the southern part of Kueri, there is
an inventor looking for Maruera Leaves. If you say
no, he will tell you that they produce oxygen. He
wants them to invent a gum that will allow breathing
underwater. He also mentions that they are on an
island. That is the Uzo Island east of Piata. Time to
take a visit there.
The easy way to get there is to warp to Kueri, then
go west to find the Jet Scooter there. Go west a
little bit and Uzo Island will be right there. Enter it
through the mountains. This place is huge, and the
monsters are tough, so load up on Dimates before
There is no easy way to beat this level. But just
follow my directions as best as you can. From the
entrance, go right, up the stairs, left, up 2 stairways,
left, down stairs, left, up stairs, left, down stairs, right,
up stairs. You should now be in the place at the
picture. Go through the cave and come out the other
side. To confirm you are in the right place, there
should be a little pond there.
From the pond, go right, up the stairs, right, up
stairs, right, up stairs again. Ignore the cave to the
left (use as checkpoint). From there, go right, down
stairs, right, down stairs again. Follow a bit right
to the cave you see in the picture. Take it.
Go left from the cave and up the stairs. Check the
tree and recieve a Maruera Leaf. Use Hinas and
get out of here.
Go back to the inventor and give him the Maruera
Leaf. He will then make some gum for Rolf. This
gum will allow Rolf and party to breath underwater.
But where do you have to go to breath underwater?
Climate Control has an underwater entrance, but
where is it? Before asking that question, fight
around to gain some money. Have Shir steal
Laser Knives and Laser Shots too if you need some
money (but fighting is still the best way). Also, if you
want, have Shir steal from an item shop for Star
Mist and Moon Dews. They both come in handy.
Once you have everything (check the equipment
update below), go along the west coast of Uzo, and
head south a ways until you see this. Use the Gum
here and enter the Underwater Basement of
Climate Control.
Titanium Helmet, Laser Sword, Ceramic Chest,
Jewel Ribbon, Laser Bar (2), Fiber Vest, Knife
Titanium Gear, Laser Cannon, Ceramic Armor,
Silver Crown, Fire Staff/Laser Knife (2), Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Silver Crown, Laser Slasher (2), Ceramic Cape,
Knife Boots
Titanium Helmet, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Armor,
Silver Crown, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Cape,