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Crevice and the Esper Mansion

Remember the person Tyler told you about? (Why
else would you be on Dezoris?) Now it is time to
find him. From Aukba, go west until you hit the
forest, and then go south to the crevice.
The monsters are not too tough in here, and the
Crevice is not too large either. From the entrance,
go left to the pit. Do not go down the pit, but to the
upper side of it and going left still. Go up at the end
and take the stairway by another pit.
From the stairs, go down and left. Continue along
the path to find stairs going up. Ignore these and
continue along until you see stairs going down. Take
Continue along the only way you can go and take
these stairs. Go down a bit and follow and another
stairs await. Take them.
Go up, left, and down to these stairs. Pretty easy,
huh? The Esper Mansion now awaits.
Unless Rolf is alive, you cannot enter the Esper
Mansion. Talk to them to let you in. Talk around
and the Espers will talk about 'This Man'. He seems
to be in a Cold-Sleep, and awakens every 10 years.
They say that This Man will awaken when Rolf
comes. Go down the stairs.
Talk to both men to awaken 'This Man'. He awakens
and says that his name it Lutz. Lutz says that this is
the 2nd time Rolf and him have met. (?). He says
that it was him who saved Rolf from a death on
a Spacetrip with his parents when Rolf was 10. He
said that Alis' scream woke him up. He then goes
to mention that Rolf is the last decendant of Alis.
Lutz goes to mention the same dream that Rolf had.
Lutz then says to take the Aero Prism and arm
themselves with Nei's Weapons (not the Nei you
know). Grab the treasure containing the Aero Prism
and head back to Aukba (by Ryuka or Crevice).
Titanium Helmet, Laconian Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Snow Crown, Fire Staff (2), Crystal Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Pulse Vulcan, Laconian Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Laconian Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Ceramic
Cape, Shune Boots
Laconian Helmet, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Armor, Guardian Boots