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Zema to Piata

Go back to Rolf's house in Paseo. Yet again,
another knock on the door. This time, a Guardian
named Anna Zirski. She is quite strong, but I really
don't know what to think about her. At one time,
I used to use her a lot, that is, until I found out the
full power of Amy. Anna also uses Slashers, which
come in handy against a whole slug of monsters.
But then again, get Rudo a Vulcan and he can do
the same thing. I am going to keep Rudo and Amy
for this walkthrough, but if you take her, I will still
update equipment for you.
After getting all of the equipment I mentioned in
the last section, (for the characters you have, in
which case if you have Anna, buy her 2 Slashers and
a Titanium Gear) go southeast of Zema to a small
peninsula. This is the garbage dump of Roron.
Granted you start out at the top part of Roron, if
you make your way to the left and go down by the
wall, you can end up here. Take the chute.
Make your way from the chute right and around.
When you reach the first path going up, take it to
get a Cannon. Might not do much for now, but
it is worth a bit of money. Take the chute just
above the Cannon.
The only way to go is down and left. Ignore that
first treasure you see, as it contains garbage (dirty
Motavians). Take the chute at the end.
Go down from that chute to end up here. Talk to
both Motavians. They will mention the Jet Scooter
they built from scrap. One Motavian invites Rolf to
come and watch them ride the Jet Scooter. Use
Hinas and get out of there. And yes, there is a lot
more to Roron, but I am not going to bother going
over it.
Go outside and check the Scooter. There will be
a note by the Motavians saying that they do not
need the Jet Scooter, and that anyone can take it.
Use Ryuka and rest at the town you warped to.
Go back to Zema (if you are not already there).
From Zema, walk south, take the bridge going south
and then go west. Work your way around the domes
to reach the bridge going north. Continue to reach
the town of Kueri. Buy Rolf a Titanium Chest,
Rudo a Titanium Armor, and Amy at Titanium Cape.
If you have Hugh, but a Titanium Chest, Anna a
Titanium Cape. Buy Rudo a Laser Shot and give
either Amy, or Hugh the Laser Knives. Buy Anna
(if you have her) 2 Laser Slashers.
Head back you Rolf's house in Paseo. Yup, another
knock at the door. This time from a man named
Josh Kain (he is called Kain in the game). Kain is
pretty much an idiot in my book (just read what he
says). He is the opposite of Hugh. Hugh works good
against Bio Monsters, while Kain works good against
robots (you will fight them later). I find Kain useful,
but not right now he isn't. But if you want, get him a
Titanium Armor and 2 Laser Knives.
Take the Jet Scooter. From Roron, follow the
coast above it to the east until you end up here.
Make your way over to here. This is the last town
on Motavia, and it has the best equipment money
can buy on Motavia. Buy 2 Laser Bars and a
Jewel Ribbone here. This town is very important in
the future, so remember it.
Titanium Helmet, Laser Knife (2), Titanium Chest,
Jewel Ribbon, Laser Bar (2), Fiber Vest, Sandals
Titanium Gear, Laser Shot, Titanium Armor, Boots Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Titanium Cape,
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Titanium Chest,
Titanium Gear, Laser Slasher (2), Titanium Cape,
Titanium Helmet, Laser Knife (2), Titanium Armor,