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Follow the directions I gave in the Passages of Skure
walkthrough to lead to Naval (click on the link to
check it out). Naval is probably the easiest dungeon
to complete, but the monsters make it tough. Plus,
there is no town nearby, so I hope you brought
lots ot Trimate.
Go up a bit and right to enter Naval. This place is
quite easy. Take the upper stairs.
The whole dungeon goes around in a circle going
up. Just go up it for a while and you will end up
at the top.
At the top, take the walkway out to the edge. Take
and fall down the pit to the left. You will land on
solid ground. Fall left again, and again, a total of
3 times falling. Go to the right and grab the Nei
Emel. Give it to Anna, if you have her.
Also, if you want extra experience, go to the left
walkway, and go down the pit 3 times (on the down
side) and recieve your treasure.
At the bottom again, after getting the Nei Emel,
take the bottom stairs and go up to the top floor.
Once at top, take the upper walkway, and take the
pit to the right 3 times. Do that and grab the Nei
Shield. Give it to Hugh or Kain.
Also, for more experience, at the left side, fall down
the bit from the upper side 3 times and grab the
treasure. Now that you have all 8 Nei items, there
is only one thing left to do. But, before heading
back to Lutz, go back to Motavia and have Shir
steal from the Item Shop. Have her steal up to
8 Star Mists, (2 for each), and 4 Moon Dews (1
for each). Make sure you have all 8 Nei Items, and
stock up on Trimate, leaving one space open on
Rolf's inventory.
Titanium/Nei Helmet, Laconian Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Nei Crown, Fire Staff (2), Nei Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Nei Shot, Nei Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Nei Slasher, Nei Emel,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace, Nei Shield,
Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal Cape,
Shune Boots
Nei Helmet, Laconian Mace, Nei Shield,
Laconian Armor, Guardian Boots