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A long ways north of Ryuon, is the next of the
4 dungeons, Guaron. Guaron is the biggest dungeon
in the game (16 floors), but this is also one of the
easiest to navigate. So easy, that this part of the
walkthrough is small as well. Guaron contains
the Nei Cape, and Nei Armor, and tougher
monsters than Menobe.
Enter the inner dungeon. At this crossing, go right
and follow to get an Amber Robe. Not very
powerful in defense, but can cast GiRes on
command. (Note that there is also one in the Yellow
Dam, in case you did miss it). Go back to where the
picture is. Go up to another crossroad. From there,
go left, up, left, down, and left to re-enter the outside
portion of the area.
Outside, there is a maze of trees. Go left and near
the end, go down and you should be near the inside
again. If you are in the room with 4 stairways, go
back up and a bit to the right to this room. Now the
tough part is behind you.
Ignore the right side of this floor, as it only leads
to a Crystal Chest. From the stairs, go around the
pit to the upper side and up the stairs. The next
5 or 6 levels are just one room that goes around a
pit to the other stairway.
Now a room should branch off the lower left hand
corner. Take the upper path around to the Nei
Cape. Give that to Amy. Go back and take the
stairs around the pit up. Upstairs, there is another
room to the right of the pit. Again, ignore that, as
it only contains a Crystal Cape. Just keep going
around the pit and up stairs to the 16th floor.
At the top is the Nei Armor. You don't have to do
anything fancy to get to it, as it is just around the
walls in the room. Give this strong piece or armor
to Rudo (or Kain, if you are brave/foolish enough
not to bring Rudo). Now get out of there. Head
back to Ryuon to rest, save, and stock up.
Titanium/Nei Helmet, Laconian Sword, Laconian
Chest, Guardian Boots
Nei Crown, Fire Staff (2), Nei Cape,
Hirza Boots
Laconian Gear, Pulse Vulcan, Nei Armor,
Guardian Boots
Color Scarf, Laconian Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Laconian Cape, Knife Boots
Laconian Gear, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian Chest, Guardian Boots
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Nei
Cape, Shune Boots
Nei Helmet, Laconian Mace (2),
Laconian/Nei Armor, Guardian Boots