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Blue Dam

Stock up again on Trimates. The easiest way to get
here is to go back to Kueri, take the Jet Scooter to
the Yellow Dam river, and go west from there. The
2 dams should line up, and you will arrive at the Blue
Use the Blue Card to enter the Blue Dam.
Go left and up from the entrance to reach this chute.
Take it.
Go down and right to this chute right here.
From that chute, go left and follow until you reach
a big open area. Go up from the area to reach
these chutes. Take the upper one to get a Crescent
Gear (which can cast GiRes in battle, so hold on to
it), and the lower one to continue. You will be in
an enclosed area. Walk right a bit to another chute.
Go down and right. You should find a Storm Gear
in a chest just above a chute. Give the Storm Gear
to Kain and equip it. The Titanium Helmet is just
as strong, but when used in battle, the Storm Gear
casts GiZan on ALL enemies instead of a group.
I usually have Kain use it it battle, for it can do as
much damage as his Laser Shot, and to all enemies.
Take that chute down.
Grab the Color Scarf in that chest (it casts SaNer
in battle, and only Anna can equip it). Take and
fall down the pit directlly below it and you will
land right in front of a chest, containing a Snow
Crown (for Amy, which can cast Deban in battle).
Go down from that chest and take the chute.
From that chute, go directly left and take this chute,
back to floor 1.
From there, go up through the narrow passage.
Take a left and go down a ways, then right once
you see that engine-like wall. Take this chute to
floor 2.
Take this chute to get a Wind Scarf for Shir (which
casts Zan in battle). Go back and go left and up
to another chute going up. From that chute, go
up and take that chute in the upper left hand corner.
Go down until you see a huge pit with the Blue
Dam Console in the middle of it. You cannot get
there, but take the chute to the right of it up. Go
down from there to a chute going down. Go a bit
down to grab a Trimate, and go right and up to
another chute.
Go down and left. When it branches off up and
down, go down and take the chute.
There are now 2 chutes. Take the one on the right
to get a Star Mist. Take the one on the left to
continue. Go up and you will see 2 pits. Take
either on.
You will now be at the console for the Blue Dam.
Use the Blue Card at the slot and the Blue Dam
will open. Use Hinas and head back to a town.
Stock up on Trimate and head to Paseo.
Titanium Helmet, Sword of Ango, Crystal Chest,
Snow Crown, Fire Staff (2), Crystal Cape,
Crescent Gear, Laser Cannon, Crystal/Ceramic
Armor, Boots
Color Scarf, Laser Slasher, Fire Slasher,
Crystal/Ceramic Cape, Knife Boots
Titanium Gear, Laser Knife (2), Ceramic Chest,
Wind Scarf, Laser Knife (2), Crystal/Ceramic
Cape, Boots
Storm Gear, Laser Shot, Crystal Armor,