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One of Might and Magic III's strong points is its non-linearity: You can do just about anything at any time. Sometimes before you can go into a certain dungeon you'll need to find a key, but that's about the only thing that limits your options. Since the game is so non-linear, a step-by-step walkthrough of the game is pretty much impossible. Instead, I'll be providing you with walkthroughs for each area seperately, containing all the info on what you must, or can, do there. But first of all:

General Info

When you've just started a game of Might and Magic III and you have no idea what to do, where to go, or maybe even how to play the game, read this section first.

Now a list of walkthroughs for every area will follow. For all of these, bear in mind that you may be able to clear some areas at a relatively low level, while others are inhabited by such powerful enemies only the most experienced adventurers stand a chance. Since it mostly depends on your party's composition which areas are easy and which are hard, pretty much the only way you can find out is by checking the area for yourself, making sure to save first, of course.

If you want a complete walkthrough of the game from beginning to end, here's what you do: Start at the Fountain Head walkthrough, since that's the game's starting point. All area walkthroughs have links to the areas which you can reach from your previous location, so when all the walkthroughs are finished, you should be able to "travel" through the entire world of Might and Magic III by using these links.

Town Walkthroughs

Fountain Head
Fountain Head Cavern
Baywatch Cavern
Wildabar Cavern
Swamp Town
Swamp Town Cavern
Blistering Heights
Blistering Heights Cavern

Outside Area Walkthroughs

The monsters in most outside areas will re-appear after you defeat them as long as their lair exists. I'll mark the monster lairs on the maps. Destroying them should be your first priority.

Hidden Valley(A1)
Orc Meadow/Woodland Grove(A2)
Evil Eye Forest(A3)
Thorn Blossom Orchard(A4)
Leper Canyon(B1)
Valley of the Trolls(B2)
Land of the Gargoyles(B3)
Locust Grove(B4)
Frozen Isles: West(C1)
Isle of Fire: Northwest(C2)
Isle of Fire: Southwest(C3)
Isles of Illusion: West(C4)
Frozen Isles: East(D1)
Isle of Fire: Northeast(D2)
Isle of Fire: Southeast(D3)
Isles of Illusion: East(D4)
Serpent Woods(E1)
Buzzard Bluff(E4)
Mutant Mountains(F1)
Minotaur Marsh(F3)
Forsaken Sands(F4)

Castle Walkthroughs

Castle Whiteshield
Whiteshield Dungeon
Castle Blood Reign
Blood Reign Dungeon
Castle Dragontooth
Dragontooth Dungeon
Castle Blackwind
Blackwind Dungeon
Castle Greywind
Greywind Dungeon

Cavern Walkthroughs

Cyclops Cavern
Arachnoid Cavern
Magic Cavern
Cursed Cold Cavern
Dragon Cavern

Dungeon Walkthroughs

Ancient Temple of Moo
Slithercult Stronghold
Fortress of Fear
Halls of Insanity
Dark Warrior Keep
Cathedral of Carnage
Tomb of Terror
Maze from Hell

Pyramid Walkthroughs

Pyramid of Storage
Pyramid of Water
Pyramid of Earth
Pyramid of Air
Pyramid of Fire

I'll add to the list of walkthroughs in the order in which I choose to go through the game. Since there's so many options open to me, I can't predict when certain walkthroughs will be up. Keep an eye on the main page for updates.

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