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There are three types of spells in Might and Magic III: Arcane Magic (used by Sorcerers and Archers), Clerical Magic (used by Clerics and Paladins), and Natural Magic (used by Druids and Rangers). Arcane Magic focuses on destructive force, Clerical Magic on healing and protection, and Natural Magic holds the balance between offensive and defense magic. There are many spells in Natural Magic which are also present in either Arcane or Clerical Magic, so don't be surprised if you see the same spell appear in more than one list.

Each spell requires an amount of Spell Points to cast, and some of them also require the use of gems, which you can get by either defeating certain enemies or finding them in a treasure chest or the like. Note that some spells don't have a set number of required Spell Points: The cost of some spells is related directly to the character's level. For example, if your character is level 14 and you want to cast a spell which has a cost of two SP per level, it'll cost you 28 SP to cast it. Note that the amount of gems you need to pay for the spell (if any) will not increase. To compensate, the spells which have an increasing casting cost also increase in power with every level you gain.

Now, choose the type of magic you wish to learn more about. The spells are listed in the order in which they'll appear in your spellbook. The level you need to buy the spell at a Guild will also be listed. Note that it's possible to learn the spell before that time if you happen to find a scroll of that spell. Finally, when I say a spell deals damage to "all enemies in sight", it means the spell passes through any enemy in front of you, hitting the enemies behind them as well.

Arcane Magic
Clerical Magic
Natural Magic

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