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The Arena

The Arena is a place where you can fight to gain extra experience. You can get there by going to any Magic Mirror and stating ARENA as your destination. You'll end up in the center of the Arena. In each of the corners is a desk. Walk up to any one of these desks and a man there will ask if you want to fight. If you say yes, you'll be once again transported to the center of the Arena, but now it'll be filled with monsters!

When fighting in the Arena, you won't get any gold or gems for beating monsters, but if you can beat all the monsters, you'll get an experience bonus (in addition to the normal amount of experience you get for beating the monsters). The bonus for the first victory is 1000 experience for every party member. This bonus will be increased by 1000 experience for every subsequent victory. To claim your reward, go back to any corner. The guy there will teleport you back to the center of the Arena if you have not yet defeated all the monsters, but if have beaten them all, you'll get the experience bonus and you'll find yourself standing once again in front of the Inn in Fountain Head. You'll also receive a new Award: Arena Wins. The amount of Arena battles a character has won will be tracked there. Note that you cannot save in the Arena.

At first, your random opponents in the Arena will be minor enemies, like Goblins, Orc Warriors, Bubble Men, Vampire Bats and Skeletons. But in addition to these random enemies, there will always be one "fixed" enemy, a boss if you will. This boss will usually (though not always) be stronger than the random enemies. After appearing as a boss, the enemy may appear as a random enemy in future Arena battles. Below is the list of these bosses. If you want more info on these enemies, check the Monster List. Some of these enemies may not be listed yet, though... I'm working on it.

Battle # Boss . Battle # Boss . Battle # Boss
1 Screamer . 31 Iron Wizard . 61 Cyclops
2 Oh No Bug . 32 Death Locust . 62 Major Devil
3 Moose Rat . 33 Archer . 63 Green Dragon
4 Wild Fungus . 34 Mystic Cloud . 64 Jouster
5 Zombie . 35 Barbarian . 65 Wizard
6 Candle Creep . 36 Cleric of Moo . 66 Death Snake
7 Mad Dwarf . 37 Fire Lizard . 67 Vampire
8 Ninja . 38 Fire Stalker . 68 Werewolf
9 Magic Mantis . 39 Gargoyle . 69 Terminator
10 Ogre . 40 Ghost . 70 Great Hydra
11 Bugaboo . 41 Draconi . 71 Vulture Roc
12 Phase Head . 42 Sonic Ninja . 72 Kudo Crab
13 Giant Spider . 43 Evil Eye . 73 Medusa
14 Sprite . 44 Guardian . 74 Minotaur
15 Dino Beetle . 45 Paladin . 75 Octobeast
16 Cobra Fiend . 46 Dark Pegasus . 76+ Dragon Lord
17 Scorpia . 47 Reaper
18 Cryo Spore . 48 Sorcerer
19 Cursed Fool . 49 Lich
20 Mini Dragon . 50 Spirit Shield
21 Plasmoid . 51 Troll
22 Carnage Hand . 52 Major Demon
23 Ghoul . 53 Dinosaur
24 Castle Guard . 54 ED-409
25 Phantom . 55 Black Knight
26 Piranha . 56 Death Agent
27 Evil Ranger . 57 Mummy
28 Shadow Rogue . 58 Priest of Moo
29 Tree Golem . 59 Toxic Worm
30 Wicked Witch . 60 Dragon Worm

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