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Dragonmaster vs. Magic Emperor

Now that you have Crash landed, enter
the Goddess' Tower. Monsters here are
supper tough, so when HP gets low, don't
be afraid to use an Herb of Althena. The
tower is quite straight-forward and is
very easy to navigate. Each floor is shaped
like an X. From the entrance, take the
upper right path to the stairs. Next floor,
take the upper left path. On the 3rd floor,
the Sage's Cane is at the lower left path
and the stairs at the lower right path.
Take the lower left path to the stairs. On
the 5th floor, go right up the center to the
stairways. On the last floor, go all the
way to the right and you will see a picture
of the Goddess Althena. Nall thinks that
Althena looks so much like Luna. In
a way, she does. Anyways, go up to the
top. Before talking to the Dragon Angels,
grab the items from the 2 chests and make
sure that Alex has a Seed of Vigor
Equipped. Talk to the Dragon Angels and
they will test Alex in a 1 on 2 battle.
Time to prove yourself. The Dragon
Angels are very easy to defeat if Alex is
at a high level. Their physical damage
does more damage then their magic. For
the first round, I usually flee, then hammer
them with Dragon Quake from then on.
If you run out of magic, use a Seed of
Vigor. If your HP runs low, use an Herb
of Althena. It takes about 5 shots of
Dragon Quake to defeat them.
Once you defeat them, the Dragon
Angels will give Alex their blessing and
he will become a Dragonmaster. The
only way that is possible is because Nall
is a baby dragon (the living dragon that
Laike talked about). Alex will learn the
Holy Light spell. Give him Althena's Sword
and give Mia the Goddess' Cane. Talk to
the Dragon Angels again and they will say
that Luna is actually Althena herself.
Enjoy Alex's new sprite (looks much
Exit Althena's Tower by foot. There are
a few things to do before facing Ghaleon.
First you need to find the Grindery. Warp
to Myght's Lab and he says to look near
a large body of water because the Grindery
runs on steam power. Now warp to Vane.
Since it was shot down, the entire town
is destroyed. Warp to Burg and you will
see that the townspeople have returned.
Warp to Meribia and head to Ramus' shop
(Dross' old place). He will sell you any of
his items for free.
Stock up on many Herbs of Althena and
head outside of Meribia. Make sure that
Alex has all of the Dragon Equipment
equipped (including the White Dragon
Wings). Head north of Meribia and you
will find that the Grindery has stopped.
Try to enter it and Alex will break through
the Barrier (only if he has all of the Dragon
armor equipped). Ghaleon's voice can
be heard and you will be inside. Get ready,
the final battle is just begining. Check your
equipment below.

Althena's Sword Dragon Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Dragon Helmet
Insane Sword Insane Armor Insane Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Silver Claw Saint Clothes Tiara Bracelet Holy Shield
Pixie's Bow Holy Clothes Charm Cascade Ring  
Goddess' Cane Holy Clothes Tiara Bracelet  
Climb the ladder and enter the door. The
Grindery has the toughest monsters and
has the most confusing outlay. If everyone's
level is around 60, you should not have
much trouble. If you ran into a Knight or
Dragon Tank, RUN! The Grindery is
nothing but a big pipe maze. From the
entrance, make your way to the bottom
part. Head right to the pipe and then up.
Make your way up and right until you see
a fence. Take the path going down and go
right. Head up and there should be stairs.
If this seems confusing, use my maps to
guide you. This part is not as confusing.
Head down, left, up, left. Go up and go
left across 2 bridges. Go down and follow
to the stairs. Now it is back to the pipes.
Head right from the entrance. Follow and
go down. Take the 2nd right and go up.
Go left and up to the stairs. Follow the
pipes and take the stairs on the far right.
Back down on floor 3, make your way
to the right and then up. You should find
some more stairs.
On the next floor, go down, crossing the
bridge. Go left and up. Cross the bridge
to your left, go up, left and take the 2nd
path going down. Take the 1st left. Follow
until you can go left across a bridge. Take
the 2nd up to the stairs. Back to the pipes.
Go right, down, then left. Make your way
down to the bottom and then right a ways.
Head to the lower right corner, then
backtrack left, up all the way, then left. Go
up at the end and check out those huge
The Fire Elementals are pretty strong, but
they only attack once, so no worries.
Have Alex use Holy Light, Kyle use
Sybillium, Jessica heal, Nash use Thunder
Thrust, and Mia use Landquake. When
Kyle and Alex run out of Magic, have
Jessica cast Cascade Litany on Alex and
have Kyle use Kiai Slice to boost attack,
then have Alex and Kyle attack. When
the Fire Elementals die, the Grindery will
stop. Continue through the furnace to
another set of stairs.
Keep going and you will soon reach the
outside. But Ghaleon's forces are going
to block you. You will end up fighting 8
Lagoon Goons. Kill them and you will
end up back in the Grindery. Go again
and fight more Lagoon Goons. You will
end up in the Grindery again. One more
time and after the fight, back inside, some
help will arrive. Tempest and Fresca will
come and hold off the guards.
Enter again and you can actually walk
around. There are a lot of pixies here that
Ghaleon has capture and placed them in
his beautiful garden (hmmm). The only
pixie actually worth visiting is in the lower
left hand corner of the garden. This pixie
can heal you. Now it is time to put an
end to Ghaleon. His palace is at the upper
middle section of the Garden. Make sure
that you are healed and that you have a
good supply of Herbs of Althena.
Ghaleon's Palace is formed similar to the
Goddess' Tower. Basically every floor is
the same. The first thing you want to do is
find the Tower Key. Take any stairway up
until you get to the 4th floor. When you
get there, take the stairs on the right side
of the floor going up. Continue going up
stairs until you reach the 9th floor. Take
the stairs going down on the upper room
of the floor. Continue and on the 7th floor,
you will find the Tower Key.
Head back to the 9th floor and go down
1 floor. There is a healing pool in the
lower room of the 8th floor. Head down
to the 7th floor and go to the stairs going
up on the left side. Continue up until you
see a locked door on the 9th floor. Use
the Tower Key and go up the stairs. Go to
the upper room of the 10th floor and you
will see Luna. Save then talk to her. She
says that you are too late. Talk again and
she will reveal herself as Xenobia. Talk
to Xenobia and she will finally attack.
Xenobia is tough as she can attack 4 times
per turn. You are so close to Ghaleon, so
don't waste any magic on Xenobia. Just
attack her with normal weapons (Alex
should deal out a bit of damage, and if his
level is high enough, he will get 3 attacks
off). Xenobia has a few spells that can
cause some damage, so be ready with an
Herb of Althena. After about 4200 HP,
Xenobia will fall. She will say her final
words and you will warp to the 11th floor.
Grab all of the treasures and talk to
Ghaleon. He is tells that Alex does not
stand a chance against him. He then
attacks. Ghaleon is tough. Have Alex
attack, Kyle use Sybillium, then Kiai
Slice. Jessica should cast Cascade Litany
on Alex then heal when needed. Nash
should cast Thunder Thrust and Mia
should cast Byebye Air. Ghaleon can
attack 3 times per turn for a lot of damage.
He uses no magic, so don't worry about
that. About 4200 HP kills him.
When you have control again, use an
Herb of Althena and use a Seed of Vigor
on anybody who used magic in the fight.
Since you cannot save, you have no choice
but to continue upward. Continue until
the screen pans to Althena/Luna. She
makes a threat to the party. The Dragon
Angels appear and say that they will try
to remove the spell from Luna. Just then,
the Dragon Angels are killed by a blast of
energy. Ghaleon is alive, and he reveals his
true power and transforms to his true self.
This is it. It's go time! Hold nothing back
on him. Have Alex attack, Kyle use
Sybillium, Kiai Slice, then attack. Jessica
should use Cascade Litany on Alex then
heal. Nash should use Thunder Thrust. Mia
should use Byebye Air. Ghaleon uses
some strong spells and can teleport close
by to attack. If Alex is out of range to
attack, have him use Holy Light. Magic
Camp and Camp Defender are good to
use in this battle as well. After about 5000
HP, Ghaleon will fall... for good.
Now for the final step. Start up the stairs
and now you have to break the spell. Alex
will be alone. If you want some witty
remarks, talk to Kyle when you have
control. Talk to Jessica to heal Alex.
Before starting up, play Alex's Harp.
This will reduce the damage of Althena's
bolts from around 300+ HP to around 40
or 50 HP. Make your way up the ramp
and keep an eye on your HP. At the top,
the spell will be broken and Luna will
return to normal. Enjoy the ending people!