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Revealing the Vile Tribe

Like the Silver Spire, the Crystal Tower
is pretty straightforward. However, the
monsters here come in groups of around
8, and they all give a lot of damage. Use
good magic to kill them quickly. Continue
upward until you reach the 6th floor. This
is where you want to restore your HP and
MP with Jasmines and Starlights. Save.
Talk around and the people say that you
should not enter the Star Chamber.
Talk to Ghaleon. He says that you should
leave, though he doesn't mind if you watch
the cerimony. Talk to Lemia and Mia will
use Althena's Mirror on Lemia, revealing
that this Lemia is a fraud. The fraud turns
into Xenobia, head of the Vile Tribe. Her
plan to take control of Vane has failed.
She then gets mad and summons up 2
Pipers to attack while she disappears.
This battle is pretty easy if you know how
to fight these two. Have Alex move
forward and attack one at a time (don't
use AI). Have Nash use Thunder Bomb
(or Thunder Wall if he has it) until one
dies, then attack with Thunder Ball (or
Thunder Fang). Mia should just sit back
and heal, or else just have her use Flame
Bomb. They both have 375 HP, so it
should take 4 or 5 rounds depending on
level (Alex was at Level 33 for me).
After the battle, Nash and Mia leave.
Talk to them both and they will both
wonder where the real Lemia is. Talk to
Ghaleon and he is shocked by the
deception. He says that the White Dragon
might be able to help them build a defense
against the Vile Tribe. Tell him that you
will take him to see the Dragon and he
will tell you to meet him in Meribia. Go
downstairs and talk to the middle woman
to warp out of the Crystal Tower.
You will arrive at the warp pad in Vane.
Talk to the old man to heal yourself. Exit
Vane and make your way back to
Meribia. Once in Meribia, check out the
shop where Dross's Jeweler's once stood.
Here is a shop of some useful items. The
only items I buy are a Mirror Shield for
Alex and a Wind Essence (I usually keep
1 in stock). Go to the docks and talk to
the sailor. He says that the ship will be
sailing soon.
Head to Master Mel's Mansion. Go to
the upper right corner. Talk to the guard
and he says that Ghaleon told him to let
Alex in. Go up the stairs and grab the
Thunder Essence. Go to the middle of
the floor and you will see Ghaleon, Master
Mel, and Jessica. Jessica pretends as
though she doesn't know Alex. Alex
reminds Master Mel of Dyne. Talk to
Ghaleon a few times and he says to talk
to Mel into letting Alex stay overnight.
Talk to Mel again and Alex will go to bed.
The next thing you hear is the voice of
Luna crying out Alex's name, followed
by a small cutscene. When Alex awakens,
Nall tells Alex that he had the same dream.
Go down and talk to Jessica in the room.
She asks Alex to follow her to see her
father. Talk to her and Mel and they will
say that Ghaleon has already left for the
docks. Talk to Mel again and he will talk
about Jess and Alex being together.
Head to the docks and talk to Ghaleon.
He says that he wants to see his dear
White Dragon ASAP. Board the ship and
you will sail with Ghaleon back to Saith
on Caldor Isle. As soon as you land,
remove Ghaleon of the Magic Robe.
You will see why soon enough.

Long Sword Chain Mail Leather Gauntlet Mirror Shield Chain Helmet Dragon Ring