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Test of the Guild

With Jessica in your party, go to the docks.
Talk to the man there and Jessica will Zap
the owner for calling her some names. Hop
on the boat and you will go to the Island.
Before entering the cave, build up Nash's
level (it will probably be down there) to
at least 18 (or until he learns Thunder
Bomb). Have Jessica restore your HP and
then restore your MP at the Healing
Fountain. Save and enter the cave.
Monsters here are mainly strong to your
magic, but Flamer can take out a group
of Mutant Ants. Attack the rest of them.
From the entrance, head southwest and
take the furthest path to the west going
south. Follow west and take the first path
going up. Grab the Wood Shield and give
it to Jessica. Go back down and take the
2nd path going up. Follow until you can
go either up or west. Go up and follow to
a stairway. Take them and grab the Chain
Head back up and go back to the path
that takes your west or up. Go west this
time. Follow to the end and go up for a
Wind Essence. Go back southeast until
you see another chest containing a Mint
Essence. Go down from there (yes, it does
look like a wall, but trust me), and you
will find a hidden room. Follow to the
T. Go left for a Starlight and right to a
stairwell. Go down and talk to the man
at the bottom. This is Dragonmaster Zoc.
He sends 4 lizards to attack. This battle
is pretty easy if you have the Long Sword.
Use the Attack option instead of AI to
insure a quicker fight. Have Alex and
Nash just attack 1 Lizard at a time, and
have Jess heal with Calm Litany when
needed. If anybody dies here, reset and
try again, as it is important to keep them
all alive. Each Lizard has 230 HP. Expect
to have between 4-8 rounds for this
After the fight, Zoc admits that he was
never a Dragonmaster. He asks for
forgiveness. You have no choice but to
forgive him, so just do it. He leaves,
promising to mend his ways. Heal up and
leave or use the Wind Essence if you need
it. Have Jessica restore your HP and use
the Healing Fountain to restore your MP.
Head back to Lann and Jessica will leave
for now. Exit Lann and head back to
Head to the Magic Guild and speak with
Ghaleon. He tells Alex that Lemia is
waiting in the Throne Room. Nash leaves
for now as well. Talk to Ghaleon again
and he will look at Alex's Dragon Ring.
He realizes that he got it from Quark and
says that Alex will have to take him to see
Quark sometime. Head to the Throne
Room and talk with both Mia and the
Minister. Lemia will come out. Talk to
her and she will throw Alex in the dungeon.
Nall runs away during all of this.
Wait in the cell for a bit and Mia and Nall
will come soon and unlock the door for
Alex. She thinks that her mother is under
a curse. She asks Alex to help her find
Althena's Mirror from the Silver Spire,
in which they will need his Dragon Ring.
Accept the offer and Mia will join. Talk
to Nall at the door and he will join again.
If you kept Luna's Tiara, give it to Mia.
Unlock the other prisoners and they will
all say that Lemia put them in there for a
lousy reason.
When you first enter, the ring will sparkle.
Grab the Herb if you haven't already and
head to the stairs. Mia says some magic
words and the path opens. Monsters here
are simple. The Hummingbyrd casts
Flamer, but it only does a few HP damage.
Keep Mia protected as you advance
through this straight-forward tower. Grab
all the chests you come across. Keep the
Magic Robe and give Mia the Tiara (if
you didn't keep Luna's).
When you reach the top floor, open the
middle chest to reveal Althena's Mirror.
Mia then asks Alex to help her again to the
Crystal Tower where her Mother is right
now. She says that the passage there is
through the Cave of Trial. Exit the Silver
Spire. Sell your useless stuff (keeping the
Magic Robe) and buy Mia a Bracelet and
a Poison Dart. Talk to the man by the
warp to heal. Save and head into the Cave
of Trial.
Make your way to the bottom floor and
to the Wierd glass-like door. Mia will
open that door. Take the stairs and take
the upper pathway to the next stairway.
Follow to the end of the Cave and back
outside. Once outside, Nash will be there
waiting. He says that he cannot let Mia
go in alone, so he joins. Though Mia tries
to convince Nash not to come with them,
he does anyways. Put Nash in front of Mia
and give him the Magic Robe.

Long Sword Chain Mail Leather Gauntlet Wooden Shield Chain Helmet Dragon Ring
Bow Magic Robe Gloves Cascade Ring    
Poison Dart Magic Robe Bracelet Tiara