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White Dragon Cave

The game starts off near a town called
Burg. They talk about Dyne, a
Dragonmaster, and about a young boy
named Alex who visits his memorial
everyday. Just then, a wierd winged
cat named Nall comes by and tells Alex
to go on his own adventure. He also
reminds Alex that he promised to sing
with Luna today. Nall then joins and you
take control of Alex.
Go south a bit and you will run into a
friend of Alex's named Ramus. He tells
Alex that he heard that there was a
diamond in the White Dragon Cave. He
says that he is going with or without
Alex. He then leaves. Leave the memorial.
Talk to the townspeople a bit and exit
Burg. Head to the little place to the east
of Burg.
Go up and find the flowers on the ground.
Those are Luna's, but Nall wonders
where she is. She then appears and start
to practice their song for the festival. Alex
plays his harp strangely, which worries
Luna. Nall tells Luna that he wants to go
to the Dragon Cave with Ramus. Luna
thinks that it is dangerous, but she joins
Alex anyways.
Luna mentions that there is a chest in the
basement of Alex's house. Head to Burg
and into their house. Go to the basement
and you will find that the chest is locked.
Go talk to Alex's father and he will give
you the key. Go back down and unlock
the chest. It contains Heavy Clothes and
a Dagger. Have Alex equip them and
exit the house.
Head to the exit and you will meet Ramus
again. Talk to him and he will join. Go
to his house (the biggest one in town) and
look in the left cabinet for an Old Ring.
Now head to the Weapon Shop and buy
a Sling for Luna. When you are ready,
you can now exit town.
Before you head to the Dragon Cave,
take some time to fight. If you head
southwest then turn southeast, you will
find a Stone Monument. Touch one of
these and you will heal. Stay close to these
when gaining levels.
When you enter a battle, this is what it
will look like. When you face a new
monster, it is usually wise to ask Nall for
advice. Your actions once in battle are
these. AI (auto attack), Attack, Magic,
Item, Flee (run to a safe spot on the field),
Run (retreat from battle). You move your
characters to the other side and attack.
Right now, Ramus is stronger, but Alex
gets 2 attacks. Kill the monsters to get
experience and money.
Level everybody up to 6 or 7 and head
back to Burg. Buy Alex a Short Sword
and buy some Meal Rations. When you
are ready, head northeast from Burg and
south around the mountains. You will see
a temple there, where you can rest if
needed. Go a bit northwest from there
and you will see the entrance to the
White Dragon Cave. Enter and use the
Old Ring to remove the ice block.
Head left from the entrance. Grab the
chest containing a Wooden Shield and
equip it on Alex. Head down some more
and follow. When you have another
chance to go down, take it to the next
floor. Go down until you come to a T. Go
up at the T and then left. You can either
go down for an Herb or continue. At the
end, go right for an herb and up to the
stairs. Go down and at the fork, go right
to the door.
Go up and the White Dragon will awaken.
Don't worry, it will not attack. His name
is Quark. He says that the last time he
saw eyes like Alex's, he was looking at
Dyne. He gives Alex the Dragon Ring.
Talk to him again and he will say that he
believes that he knows Luna from long
ago. Talk again and Ramus will demand
the diamond. Quark gives up and gives
him the Dragon Diamond. All will then
gain 20 Exp. Exit the cave.
Short Sword Heavy Clothes Wooden Shield Dragon Ring
Dagger Heavy Clothes Garbage Can Lid Gloves
Sling Peasant's Clothes